Our school in 2009 is looking at using iPod touches for students in year 5-8 and also for staff. I was hoping to hear from like minded educators to see if anyone else was already using iPod touches in the classroom and how/what they were using them for etc?

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Hi john

Why do you need a Mac laptop?

All apps can be downloaded either on the itouch, or using iTunes on any PC or MAC.

One of the big advantages of the iPod Touch us that every kid wants one. Carrying a laptop/netbook around is seen as nerdy by many kids. Anything you have to unpack from a bag, wait to boot up, open a program etc is also prohibitive with respect to time. The iTouch is instant - and it's cool, which makes it appealing to pretty much every kid.

On the negative side, its creative powers are limited: no video or camera, typing is less easy than larger devices, screen diE affects the amount time forcehich you can use it...

I'm not a fan of netbooks because if I'm going to use a computer that I have to get out and turn on, I'd rather have something full size and with a bit more 'guts'.

In time, I'll probably change my mind- but if Apple get their 'tablet' out soon, I don't think any mini laptop will be able to compete!
Hi Stacy - I attended a great session at eTech in Columbus Ohio on Monday. The presenter, Kelly Croy discussed many opportunities for using iTouch in the classroom. He is a 7th grade english teacher. http://www.mrcroy.com/ He talked a lot of the great apps that were available to download - dictionaries, books, quiz games, flash card apps,.. He also discussed an app that measures the grav force on the unit - they were going to test it out by strapping the iTouch to a student when the class went to Cedar Point to learn about the physics of the roller coaster. He has 1 iTouch in his classroom and they tend to use it as a stand alone unit for the kids to share. He also uses it to record lectures to post to his website.
Just an update as to where we are...within the next 2-3 weeks all our middle year students (year 5-8) and staff will have iPod touches. We were able to recieve a small discount from Apple here in Australia. Further we have used school and also other program funding to support the purchase of them. Further parents/caregivers of the students have made a comittment to purchasing the iPods. Our community is rural and also a low socio-economic community - so it can be done!

Hopefully in the coming weeks we will commence training with students and staff!
I will keep you all posted in terms of how it is progressing.
Thanks for your interest in this project. The reason we have chosen iPod touches is that here in NSW, Australia the education department is meant to be giving all Year 9-12 students and high school staff a type of netbook within the next year or so therefore we wanted to trial something a bit different and that is why year 5-8 'middle years' were chosen.

In terms of netbooks Vs iPod touches I believe they both have huge educational potential - my concern with all this hardware in schools including wireless networks, iPod touches, laptops and so on is the pedagogical principles behind why, how, when etc we are using them. It is all well and good to use netbooks and or iPod touches in the classroom but do they really improve student outcomes? I guess in our case time will tell.

I guess our vision is anytime, anywhere learning.
We are looking at using the following on them:
Using the applications which come standard such as timers, alarams, clocks etc
Educational applications which are downloaded onto the device which there appears to be some for every subject which are applicable
Organisational and self management programs such as calendars
Podcasts/Vodcasts/AudioBooks etc
There is a learming management system called StudyWiz which supports iPod touches as well which allows students to IM, participat in discussions, forums, have access to their e-locker etc
It is my belief that iPod touches due to their size etc can only ever be used as an access device not really a creation tool if that makes sense.
there is a program you download for iPhone configuration which I believe works with iPod touches across networks and also a user guide - from memory it is called iPhone Deployment Guide or something like that - at this stage I downloaded it but really haven't looked into too much more when the iPods arrive I will sit down and organise it.

In terms of pricing on a bundle of 50 iPod touches including 2 year extended warranty and headset (in built microphone and volume control) we recieved a total discount of about $1800-$2000.
Hello Stacey,
I'm going to sound ignorant, but I have a burning question. I'm looking for some small device which will help me get organized in the classroom -- checking homework, putting in class participation, etc. Would this device be good for that (Ipod touch)?
Hi Stacey,

Interested to hear about the trial. Is there any information online officially about what you are doing... scope, intent, etc. I help to orgainse such trial in Education Queensland. Was particularly interested to hear that there is more than just one school involved.
Hi Adrian

I am happy to chat via email and I can send you our overall project brief etc stacey.kelly1@det.nsw.edu.au

We have also started an ipod touch classroom ning
Hi Stacey, very interested also in your project (I'm a colleague of Adrian's). Tried your email above, but bounced back? Anyway, I'm putting together a paper for the 2009 Apple University Consortium conference and would like your help if you're able. The paper will basically be an audit of iPhone/iPod Touch use in P-12 and Higher education across Australia - I'd like to ask that if you have the time, could you respond to the following to describe the uses you currently are making of the platform: (oh and could I ask for an invite to the ipodtouchclassroom ning also? Thanks)

WHO: (Your name, title etc)

WHERE: (Where you're based, school, admin etc)

WHAT: (fill out all if relevant)
A. Educator-focused - how (what apps in what ways) etc are you using the platform to enhance your role in provding education

B. Student-focused - how (what apps in what ways) etc are you using the platform to enhance student learning
C. Are any of these uses utilising wireless connectivity - wifi, txting, internet, wireless collaboration etc.

WHY: (any thoughts on the strengths/ weaknesses of the platform - why you personally use it)


Ok, thanks a million. The compiled results will be made available to all - should make for some great reading! Anyone else in Australia experimenting with the platform please feel free to respond also!

My email is: jnxyz@mac.com
I've only have my own ipod touch which the children in my Year 3 class love to use. We use Brian Tuner the most, it is giving them practice with their calculators! I also found a site which helped me to adapt it into a storage device

Here is a link to the iPod Touch educational uses on the Apple Learning Interchange.

The touch certainly has a ton of potential and if individuals are only using it for video/audio they are truly missing out on it's capabilities. I believe one poster on here stated that you had to have a mac computer, this is false. iTunes runs on windows and we have many schools that deploy iPods via a windows based machine for their students.

It would be great if someone could create an online class management app similar to what students/teachers would use Moodle for!! Are there apps out there now like that?



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