Our school in 2009 is looking at using iPod touches for students in year 5-8 and also for staff. I was hoping to hear from like minded educators to see if anyone else was already using iPod touches in the classroom and how/what they were using them for etc?

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Good catch on the spelling of "battery". I'll have to go back and reprint and re-laminate those pages now, but I'm glad you spotted it before my students did! Thanks!

Yes, I am planning on paired activities, as my grant only provided me 15 iPods.

I hadn't thought about students tracking the battery life data. Good idea.

Thanks for the advice on adding info. to the cards. I've been debating with my co-teacher as to how explicit my directions should be in regards to such projects. We're finding that my lowest readers especially will tend to ignore too much text and instead ask us to repeat directions. We're hoping to create a short video of us explaining the process, and using the cards as reminders.

Point well taken, though. Thanks again.

We use something similar. We use Sterilite bins to house all the contents. We also put labels on all of the items in the bin, so we can tell which bin is missing a particular item. Students may check out a bin overnight, and I have to check it in the next morning to make sure all the contents are there.

I like the battery magic app, I'm downloading as we speak.

Check out Learning in Hands podcast. Very useful!
Another question for my colleagues:

Would a short video tutorial of how to use the iPods be useful to seventh graders? Or might it be better to rely on 'expert' students to teach one another? I've found that if I create a Word document full of screenshots and step-by-step instructions, many students simply tuck these documents away and ask me for help each time they need the technology.

I'd really appreciate some feedback here.
I went to a class on how to use it in the classroom. In the App store there are many free educational apps. The one that I would spend money on was the graphing calculator for $0.99. I spent almost $100.00 on one for my daughter.

They also use it for improving reading fluency.

It was amazing.
Has anyone investigated/used ereader? I started looking into it and was wondering if is worth the time.
Hi Guys I know it has been a very long time since I posted anything on here but our project has gone exceptionally well...you can check out a screen cast by one of the schools here http://www.cap.nsw.edu.au/Promos/iSkool%20Rocks%20Overview/index.htm.
hey thats great Stacey - have just shared it thru my networks - always good to see an Aussie example too! One question, have you guys conducted any research/ feedback ? (I'm thinking about doing a doctorate incorporating research into iTouch use in education). Keep sharing how you go.
Yeah there has been videos etc from teachers/students/parents...we were meant to be doing something more formal with UNE which is still in discussion
Your screencast looks great! Could I bother you for an invite to your Ning? I'd love to learn more.
Hi Stacey,
It's great to see you are doing so well and enjoying the iPod touch and Studywiz mobile. I will make sure I promote your work at HHL 09 next week in London and bring home more ideas and contacts to share with you. I would love to know how you are finding the Attendance App. Keep in touch, I look forward to meeting with you one day.
Blogging, visual representation, recording podcast and radio plays, shorter written assigments, catching students up on presentations and media they miss when they are away, text to speech apps are great for weaker readers. I feel like I am just scratching the surface, if you want more specific examples for your program let me know!



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