There are a number of posts from individuals interested in using iPod Touches for teaching and Learning. At Culbreth Middle in Chapel Hill, NC we began a pilot this past August to place the iPod Touch in the hands of staff and students.

Our staff development for faculty to roll out the new technology centered on teacher coaches leading their groups in exploration through professional learning communities.

Our AVID students use the iPod Touch in the AVID classroom and in all other courses. They have piloted this program, using the iPod Touches daily for note taking, keeping individual agendas, translation for world languages, and accessing research through the Internet. In addition, our AVID students use many of the apps that teachers sync with these mobile devices. As student leaders, they’ve understood their responsibility to work and share this learning tool in collaborative groups.

This winter we were able to add iPod Touch labs for each of our seven interdisciplinary teams and two labs for our exploratory and resource teams. The interdisciplinary grade level iPod Touch labs are housed with each team and shared among the four content teachers (math, language arts, science, and social studies). These teachers plan together so that their students have access throughout each day. They access the internet as needed and use many apps as well.

Teacher current app favorites include: WordBook, Thesaurus, USA, Countries, Brain Tuner, Blanks, Whiteboard, CoinToss, Lose It!, Word Warp, FlipBook Lite. Of course they are using the included apps: Calendar, Calculator, Notes, Clock, YouTube throughout each day.

We held an iPod Touch Day last week with visitors from all over the state and from across the country. We even had a group from the UK come see our students and teachers in action with the iPod Touch. With almost 400 iPod Touches now in use at Culbreth, we’re happy to share what we’ve learned and what we’re learning.

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I'm having a lot of trouble posting here on my iPhone.

If I get here from either an email link, or an RSS feed, which links directly to a comment, I cannot upload my post.

The iPhone interface works, but you can only get to a comment by passing through every other comment from the start if this forum, in multiples of 12, which is too slow.

I have set up a shortcut on my home screen, but today that wouldn't let me post, so I had to come directly from the page.

It's annoying me to no end, the time I waste!

Really, I'm only posting this comment to see if it works again!

I took this up with ning support in the past, but got nowhere.

Will have to try again!
Hi Louise and others who are on this discussion thread---
I'm Elizabeth Bonsignore, I hopped onto this thread at the very tail-end of the year asking if anyone had used the free storytelling app, StoryKit, which was created by a computer science PhD student at the University of Maryland.
I'm writing to ask again about the experiences of anyone using it in their classroom. I believe that some folks have been using it in history or social studies lessons, and others may also be using it in composition or book reviews.

Also -- I have to apologize first off because a couple of my old comments were deleted -- I had two accounts as me in the CR2.0 community, and I wanted to consolidate them into one...but deleted the one connected to the earlier posts -- sorry!

Anyway, if you know of anyone or if you are using the app -- please send me a direct response or post it here! Thanks much!!

-elizabeth bonsignore
Hi all, are they any people following this discussion who teach kindergarten or first grade who use the iPod Touch in their classrooms?

If so, we just launched 121 leveled readers designed to help beginning readers take flight. Put LAZ reader in iTunes search to find apps. Some books are free, rest are only .99. and then you own them. This is the largest upload of apps in the iTunes store specifically designed for elementary instruction and specifically designed to help with literacy aquisition.

We are creating updates to the apps that will add interactive glossaries and book animation. I'd love any feedback as we go forward or any k or 1 grade class who would like to field test it. Look for Second through fifth grade apps by the end of the first quarter.
I am hoping to get some output from any teachers who have used them to check in/out of the classroom such as the form parents and students sign stating responsibilities. Can anyone help with this?
Attached is the one page Word file we are using. We haven't had a lost or damaged iPod yet, thus I can't tell you how effective it is. You could also look around the Internet for laptop take home policies. This one is based on a laptop policy we found.
There are plenty of creative apps out there.

Possibly my favourite is TypeDrawing.

You type some text, and then when you draw with your finger, it writes the text. Slower drawing gives smaller text, faster creates large text. It follows the path your finger takes, so it wobbles, waves, swirls, spirals...

You can change the font and background - you can even insert an image from your photo gallery (therefore, the Internet) as the background and then send them to Slideshow Builder to create an animation or slideshow of ideas. Beware, though, - Slideshow Builder cannot export slideshows at the moment.

Brushes is a great painting app.

Likewise you could use Sketchy (for making flipbook -style animations), one of the apps Susan developed, called Sentence Spinner, which combines 'randomly' generated sentences with a drawing application.

Another good one is MadLibs... it's a bit of fun, with a grammar slant - the app asks you to type in different types of words, and then it gives you a story that includes all your words. Perhaps more for the slightly older kids (you need to understand different parts of speech to do it successfully).

SimpleMindX lets you create exportable MindMaps.

Word Clouder for creating word clouds (surprise!).

Comic Touch is brilliant for adding speech bubbles etc to images/photos.

Whiteboard is a fun, collaborative drawing app. You can connect via wifi with others, and draw together.

That's a pretty comprehensive summary of the creative apps I use with students.

No doubt more will follow. I think I might even start a wiki for Creative Apps... I'm not big on rote learning, and much prefer the iPod Touch as a communication tool.

Have fun!!!
I would also look at the lite versions of paid apps like etch-a sketch. You can use etch a sketch like a slate and have students use it as an answer slate, or have one student do the work of a math problem and then pass it to another student to find the answer, same with creative writing and riddles. I love the different comic strips apps as do kids. They can use photos they have taken and add text in speech bubbles. There are how-to apps that show short movies that students can then write a how-to paper about. I know teachers use the more toast app for kids to make toast then write a how-to explaining the steps they took. I LOVE the volunteer app. You do not have to use it for assigning kids jobs you can put characters, plots, and settings into the app and then the kids spin it and write a story using the character plot and setting the spin landed on. Use it for science putting in different states of matter or different kinds of animals. Often it is just looking at the apps and say how else can I use it when it really was not intended for that use?For teaching economics there is an app called MyCost that will translate goods into how many hours one must work to buy that item. Students can put in their allowance or money per hour earned babysitting and see how long they have to work to buy an iPod. Or you can tell them to compare the average wage they would get working at McDonalds with just a high school education versus what they would earn by getting a college degree. Use the mustache app and film students with an iphone giving the Gettysburg address as a radio play or reciting their favorite poem. Use Live camera and have kids do an observational report on activity in Paris or Cairo. Use paintings from the Louvre or other online rt museums t write a story about the painting or research the artist or try to determine why the artist was motivated to do the painting. Have them google a current topic and find two different views on the topic and theask tehm to analyze who did a better job of stating their opinion and why.

GO TO there are daily posts of apps that you usually pay for that are free for a day or a week.

I agree with Deon - have fun!
Hi my name is Kimberly Bloodgood and I am a K/1 combo teacher with 10 ipod touch devices currently in use in my classroom. My kinder students are half day so we try and alternate them so they are 1:1 with the students. I would love to test something out, just send me the info!
If you buy the iPhone ear buds with microphone from (, for less than $4.00 a piece, you can have your students record their stories with Voice Memo and you can then publish them for their parents and families to listen to. You can find any number of apps for making drawings. You can then have them record their interpretation of their pictures, create an illustrated story. By doing this you can create an electronic portfolio of their work and help them to see how their are developing in their learning! Keep looking through this forum for wonderful ideas. People are sharing great things here. Dive in!
Kimberly - try Mobl21, I just posted to this site (I found it a few days ago). You can create your own content for your class. They have some samples you can download to see what kind of content you can create for different age groups.
I have a K/1 combo class and we have 10 ipod touch devices. We would LOVE to field test some readers!
Look up LAZ readers. There are 121 levelled readers, at your level. a few are free, most cost 99c on US app store.

Kathy Burdick (has posted in this discussion) is one of the developers.

There are online versions for projection, that function as a 'big book', too.

Only drawback is that each book is a standalone app, so will take some time to download them all, and it limits the amount of them you might put on one iPod, which just means more admin time.

Have a look!



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