How are you using the Ipod touch in the classroom???

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We're using alot of apps various apps.... Here's a list I have compiled with links to more detailed description of some of the apps with educational uses we are using in our schools:

The kids like Strip Designer.. where they can create their own comic strips using pictures the teachers place in a folder and sync to the the iPods.. I think it was a 1.99 app....

We also use MapWiz and GeoMania to hone in some basic geography skills....

I personally like iResponse for testing...

But there are alot of other ones on that list as well...

Hope that helps,

I wish I had an iPod touch to use! One cool idea that I learned from Kit Hard is to create a form using Google Docs and then have students answer the questions via the iPod touch. It can circulate around the classroom throughout class. This works great for bell-ringers or accessing prior knowledge.

A teacher at my school, Karen Bosch, is also doing some neat things with her iPod touch including creating short podcasts. She shared her experience on this blog post.
I found something you may be interested in
Hi Laura,
We are currently testing Mobl21 and it seems to work great. You can sign up for a free account or request for a beta at
this sounds interesting Mike, does this link to the Ipod?
5 Ways to Use iPods in the Classroom
Has anyone considered using this (new) iPod Touch app in their classes? Augmented Reality Interactive Storytelling (ARIS) Here's a link to a Chronicle for Higher Education article about it: What do you all think?
I'm hoping to use the Voice Memos app as a means of providing audio feedback to students. Have a brief post about it here. Would be intersted to hear from anyone else using the iPod Touch in this context.
I just started using them last year. My students like to take notes and do homework on their smart phones or touches. They used the Awesome Note app for iphone and google docs. I actually had students excited about taking notes and showing me their homework. They also used the calendar instead of a planner and of course they used it to search the net.
I am aware that iPads have been recommended by the teaching community, in US at least Ref- .

iPod Touch is fairly engaging and instrumental in K12, mostly in middle and primary standards.

make a good read.
I traveled with a group of middle school students this year and they preferred the iphone or ipod touch over the ipad (we had all of them on the trip). The ipad just isn't the always on easily accessible mobile technology the iphone or touch is. The students viewed the ipad as more of a toy and the iphone as necessary technology.

I keep hearing that screen size is the determining factor, but only from adults. I think mobility is the determining factor. Which can I carry in my pocket? If I could only have one which one would it be?

I am determined to eliminate paper notebooks and replace them with cloud computing (Google Apps) and mobile technology.
Hi Laura,
Here is an article on how Mobl21 was used in one of the schools -
Let me know if you have any questions, my email address is



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