I am hearing a lot about using iPods in the classroom. What are some good sites to go to and learn more? Currently the only technology in my classroom is computer, elmo, smartboard, and projector. I am looking for new ways to keep up with technology in my classroom and encourage learning using technology. 

Also, how do you use iPods in your classroom? 

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Tom Barrett has an "Interesting Ways" list of devices and ways to use them.  Have a look.  I know that Ipods is on the list, along with the other technology you mention.  By the way, you have a ton more technology in your classroom than I do in mine (2 computers).  You're lucky!


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Tina, awesome site.  I must agree, the lack of technology in my room is deplorable as I have none.  oops, i do have an overhead projector.  In order to access technology in the school, I must book out one of the computer labs (not an easy task as they are in constant use).  Last year I had a smarboard for all 3 of my classes (Geography, Geography and Learning Strategies) and it was great.  Now that I have nothing, life sucks.  Thanks again for the link Tina; I'll share it if you don't mind?
I'm on a journey to add iPods to the daily classroom routine to enhance and facilitate learning and motivation and I'm blogging about it along the way.  Take a look:  http://ikindergarten.blogspot.com/

I am the principal of a school in Baltimore County that is piloting the use of IPods in our fourth and fifth grade classrooms.   We have some cool things going on.  Check out my blog for details....


We are looking for folks to share our learning and to collaborate.


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I always enjoyed http://learninginhand.com/blog/


Lots of good stuff there.



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