I am currently writing a paper on if classroom technology is a key element for learning or more of a distraction from learning. Assuming that the teachers are properly using the technology, are the students getting distracted by technology or is it absolutely necessary to be included into a classroom. I was hoping to get some feedback and teachers opinions about this issue. Thanks for your help!

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I think you have described an important element--technology has to be integrated properly.  If not, students will become distracted by the technology use.  In addition, students have to know how the technology 'fits' the lesson and how to successfully use the technology.  Is technology absolutely necessary?  No, however, if the technology facilitates a deeper understanding that can be communicated no other way, then it can be a vital part of teaching.  For me, technology is a tool...it has to be utilized properly, otherwise it makes our job as teachers harder.

I think distraction is definitely an issue when using technology in the classroom. The key is to make the technology use meaningful and interesting. If the student feels that technology is only being used as a means to entertain, it will cause an distraction issue. If the student is being engaged and learning technology skills while learning the curriculum it is much more effective.



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