Hi all,
My students have created a blog discussion on whether or not light is matter. If you would be interested in adding your ideas it would be wonderful. My students love to get feedback and argue their ideas. Here is the site, simply sign in as guest, with password as guest.

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HA! Are you sure? I don't want to scare the kids!
Besides, Do you think that they will understand my morbid jokes?
Dear John,

I was too busy, sorry. I think it is a discussion for teachers,it should be posted on Classroom 2 Forum, I think
Hey Nellie,

The whole post is on the Forum. I would love to hear teacher's opinions.....Maybe Steven Hawkins would drop us a thought or two.

Dear John,

I opened a new Disscussion (Forum) on the BB and quoted you. Is it OK?
Of Course it is OK.....BUT I just think and observe.
I have no credentials, other than being conscious.....most of the time.

But the kids will put their "thinking caps on", and ask the question " Why?". The ultimate Human question.
It is a lot easier to figure out" How". We can measure, use math, develop theorems, and make predictions based on those studies. Science is based on doubt, not certainty.
It's fun to think about.
Thank You, I am complimented.
I have a couple of "fun" discussions: The missue of the word "like". I have figured out how it started and why it spread throughout the language of our teens and adults. "You know, like, he was like really mad." Hint: Maynard G Krebs / Frank Zappa / Valaley Girls / Scooby Do.

A more serious addition the "Natural Selection and the Evolution of Species".

And the ultimate discussion about "Global Warming:....PS I was at the Firsr Earth Day Rally...I'm getting long in the tooth,



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