Is there a case for combined Pedagogic and Androgogic teacheing strategies with Post 16

Teaching a group of students the internal crystaline changes of metals and fillers when welded at different amps and temperatures I would argue is best teacher-led learning as nothing can easily be seen, smelled or touched to identify the differences. Testing the results of various techniques and materials is a good exploration learning activity whereby some products will break, some will be damaged but repairable, and some OK. Comparing the bad results with possible ways the problems might have come about is a good student-led learning activity. Thus I would argue there is room for both types ... irrelevant of age, experience or learner type. Roland Baggott

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Hi Roland,

I think there is definitely a need for both pedagogic and androgogic approach when teaching post 16s. Malcom Knowles suggests that adults need to know why they are learning the material - "what's in it for me" - in order for them to learn.

I have noticed when I have been teaching that some of my students need to taught in a pedagogic way, expecting step by step instructions and tutor led learning. In contrast, other students want to find out things for themselves and the teacher becomes a facilitator to the learning process. I think it is therefore, "stage not age" that decides which approach you have to use when teaching.

The challenge to the teacher is to accommodate both types of learners with challenges that each group of students will be able to achieve. As teachers in the post 16 sector, our aim is to encourage all our learners to become independent learners. However, this may not be possible for all our students.

Hi Roland,
In my experience yes!! Although all of my learners are currently working on a level 2 course some show clear signs of being more andragogic learners over pedagogic.
I do feel though regardless of which they lean towards the teacher does have a very specific role and therefore will always be slightly teacher lead especially to start the session, the lesson can be adjusted thereafter, making it more of an inclusive lesson.

T x

Yes it is needed in the Arts Dept too. I agree with Theresa that it is about stage not age. Also, some students with learning difficulties and or low self esteem need more pedagogical strategies to start them off on a topic and further encouragement to go off on their own to research or practice more. Sometimes for them, they feel that they can't do it without the direct support however with time and introducing andragogical methods they slowly build confidence and independence. Yes both strategies are required in post 16 learning as long as there is an intended movement onwards to more independent andragogical learning in the end.



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