Many of my students have begun their baseball season already! They are busy with their after-school activities and it is difficult for them to remain focused on what I have for them in the classroom. This is when I feel like I must pull out all my "tricks" to keep them engaged in my instruction.

All of the apps mentioned in the comments below are AMAZING! Here are a couple fun tips that I have come up with to keep students engaged that want to stare outside at the birds all day!

  • Give students the opportunity to actually GO outside! This is a great opportunity to bring those light and portable Ipads with you and complete interactive activities in the great outdoors!
  • Encourage students to download similar apps at home (if the have an Ipad) for extra practice at home (after the sun goes down most likely)
  • Instead of students showing their work on a piece of paper for math equations, allow them to use the Notepad app to write their equations with their fingers

Hopefully this will help keep your students engaged until June! Enjoy!

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I really like your ideas about keeping the students engaged when the warm weather breaks. So many of my students have iPads and could really benefit from the additional educational practice from educational games rather than the fighting games they play with. Do you have a list of APPS that you recommend to parents for educational help?



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