I am teaching a technology class next week and I'm looking for some feedback.

I am pretty well versed on Internet tools and resources to use in older age classrooms, but less experienced in younger age stuff.

Any suggestions?

Specifically, I have a teacher in the class that teaches Kindergarten and has 1 classroom computer.  What are ways that she can integrate technology into her classroom?


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Let your teachers explore http://www.educationalsynthesis.org .... with attention to "My Own Books" and "Language Arts". There are a lot of resources, especially for K-1. Under Famous Americans, there is also a powerpoint lesson to teach the Famous Americans for the grade level. It can be adapted to other presentation programs. http://www.educationalsynthesis.org/famamer .... For the teacher, in "Math" there are printable worksheets made with random numbers so that each worksheet is unique. They include an answer key. ... Ed Synth also contains links to other resources and online activities including coloring pages, online coloring and games, and more.
Let' think what can be used in this situation if there is only one comp. Maybe to attach multiple mice to one computer with Microsoft MultiPoint Software. Like this way. or check here ..This way kids could be active
Starfall.com is a great resource-- they have even just added a Kindergarten curriculum that looks great. PBSkids.org is also a great resource.
A few other sites you might look at include: http://www.roythezebra.com
Voicethread is also great to use at this level.
Hi Tom,
Check out Mobl21.com. You can easily create elearning content that can be accessed on iPhones, iPods and even the desktop. Let me know if you are interested and I could walk you through Mobl21. My email address is ajay.shroff@emantras.com.
Good stuff here guys... thanks for the replies!

Take a look at Spellathon launched last November. A free digital resource for english / amercan spelling practice. Kids from over 90 countries are playing and practicing spelling.




Try the "Learn to Read" section of starfall.com.  The students can play along as a group. 


abcya.com might give you some good ideas as well.

Starfall.com is a great resource-- 

I agree with Lorianne and recommend Voicethread! I love the idea of making these digital class books! I used it with Kindergarteners in a lab situation, but I spent too much time helping set up microphones and troubleshooting 25 computers.  I can see how having Voicethread set up on one computer and have the students rotate to it would work even better!  I can imagine them being able to answer essential questions for the day, reflecting on their learning and even answering fun survey questions like their favorite food through Voicethread! Thanks for letting me share my excitement for Voicethread!



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