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There are many potential challenges that those responsible for implementing new or updated education and instructional technologies may encounter. This article discusses a dozen of these common pitfalls and offers suggestions for how to avoid or remediate these potential problems. Whether you are involved in a technology rollout on a small scale, perhaps in a single class or course, or on a larger scale such as across an entire institution, the observations in this article can help you to be equipped for success. 

Please come on out to and download this Chapter and keep it around as a quick reference whenever new or updated technologies are being considered or implemented in your school. Send a copy to your colleagues, and especially to the technical support folks and your administrators. Even the most experienced implementation and support personnel are going to pick up a couple of good tips here and they'll thank you for it!

The chapter provides insights into how to avoid these 12 common challenges that instructional and education technology implementations are likely to encounter:

  1. Insufficient Budget
  2. Failure to secure senior administrator or executive level buy-in
  3. Not having a sponsor
  4. Inadequate training
  5. Insufficient technical testing and validation
  6. Failing to involve faculty from the onset
  7. Forgetting to consider the student’s perspective
  8. Relevancy (will the intended audience want to use it?)
  9. Not planning for adequate support
  10. Failure to incorporate training into on-boarding for new staff/faculty/students
  11. No risk assessment
  12. Limited (or missing) long term planning

Thanks for downloading your copy and doing your part of help make ed tech implementations succeed, at your school, and schools everywhere!

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