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I am currently an elementary school teacher and consultant for a wonderful, child friendly, Internet company named KidZui.  If you have a moment, would you please complete either of the two surveys?  One is on Parent Internet Usage and the other is on Teacher's Internet Usage at school.  The company has developed a wonderful browser that has tons of pre-screened content and can be used as a research tool in the classroom.  Feedback is appreciated and please feel free to re-post anywhere that teachers and parents frequent!





Parent Survey:


Teacher Survey:

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I just checked out the KidZui website and it looks like something that would be really useful with students. Most schools have firewalls that block restricted content, but this looks like something that could be passed along to parents for use at home. This browser seems like it would remove a lot of the hesitation that parents have to allowing younger students to use the internet. I used to work at an afterschool program and our parental controls worked poorly. The kids loved watching videos on YouTube, but we were forced to ban them because they were getting linked to inappropriate content. Have you noticed and problems with content that is not properly blocked? Can you select the type of content that is allowed or is it just a standard setting?



Thank you for taking the time to check out KidZui.  This could definitely be passed on to parents as they now have a program that has done the screening for them.  There is a homework helper in KidZui which directs students to Web sites, as well.


Right now, there is a standard setting.  We are hoping to to change this and provide more of a custom feel in the future. 


Another great feature of KidZui is that the YouTube videos are there, but there are no comments or commenting features.  This way, kids just see the video and not the questionable content that often follows these videos.


Let me know if you are interested in learning more about the program and please spread the survey!



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