Hi there within one of my classess I have a young girl with Bipolar disorder which I find somewhat challenging at times, and the extent of her learning really depends on her condition, I just wondered if anyone else has students with Bipolar or any other condition or disorder, how you deal with it but also how you ensure keeping the lesson inclusive?

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Hi T,

Does this person have an LSP? If so, perhaps regular discussions with the LSP would help to reinforce the learning, or simply, set up regular meeting with yourself, your mentor/main tutor, the LSP and the student?  These could be extremely informal, maybe 10 minutes, so that the student is comfortable.  I know that it is very frustrating to deal with someone in that condition, I've had a little experience, family stuff which can't be walked away from.  

Have you considered implementing performance assessments. If students are preparing to show that they understand a concept they are less likely to misbehave. Making it a fun activity should capture their attention even longer. Also, assigning group projects with roles creates a cooperative environment.  Keeping students moving and physically engaged is key in my opinion.

thats a fantastic suggestion many thanks x

I personally believe family treatments that combine support and education will be more helpful cope and reduce the odds of symptoms returning.

Not sure how that would really help my learner with bi polar, would you care to explain a little more for me please?
T x



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