I am a courseware developer (e-learning) working for Oil and Gas Company. We are developing English language learning materials for our employees (native Arabic speaking people).

Recently we have initiated m-learning.

1. We have used http://mobilestudy.org/ to create java based activities
2. Used hotlava software also.
3. We used Bluetooth to transfer the files to students mobile.( Nokia Phones)

Using the above tools we have created around 10 activities and piloted with group of learners and the feedback was really good. Almost 90% of the people liked it and they asked us to provide more materials.

We are really looking forward to take this project ahead.

Do you have any suggestions to improve this project?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Gani,
This project is very interesting to me. I want to know more about it. Can I take a look at these m-activities.

Hi Evan,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately due to corporate policy I am unable to give the files but I will post screenshot of some of the activities later.


You are doing well to get students motivated through quizzes and assessment/feedback. However, this is not enough. Students need real time communication and practice. What we call CO - or as Swain fully called it, "Comprehensible Output". Which means getting them to listen, using audio and responding with their own voice/language.

I'd suggest A) getting them conversing with my Dave ESL bot -they just select a question/reply and talk. But moreover, get them reading lots of audio books - we have plenty on EFL classroom 2.0. Reading and responding. Extensive reading is a quick way (if you keep them reading what is easy and allowing it to be enjoyable and without semantic dissonance) to get students to increase their subconscious language abilty (a long way to say personal fluency). We have lots of EFL Classroom 2.0. Moreover, you must get them speaking with others through conferencing with headphones and online. This exists and if you are really serious, you should be doing it.

See some of the learning activities I have on voicethread. Or even chinswing....

Hope this makes some sense...


Hi David,

Thanks for the information. This looks great. I will do some more research on it.




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