I'm here again. I would like to make contact with schools who use the moodle learning of children 6-8 year
I want to exchange tasks, learn more about the applications that support the creation of materials

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I am not working with the younger kids now, but I know Moodle and love course design.

I may be able to suggest some tools for the creation of materials side of things:

There is an active discussion at LearnCentral in the Moodle group about how to theme a Moodle which could make Moodle look more friendly to the younger ages.

When it comes to kid-friendly, there isn't anything better than Flash. The flip side though is that it takes a lot of skill on the part of the course designer to make them. I have been learning Flash and making resources for my upper level science classes and I am having a blast doing it. If you are creative by nature you may find that learning Flash is a worthwhile adventure too. There is a good bit out on the net in the way of lessons to learn Flash.

VoiceThread is kid and teacher friendly. I have over 200 VoiceThreads now and it is definitely a major player in my design style. These do not take special tools other than a simple mike, so they are easy to get started with. They embed very nicely in to Moodle or you can simply place a link in the course to go to the VT site for playback there.
I do not know, look for the network to see what it is, for the moment by creating a course for children I use Power Point, Hot Potatoes, and Puzzle Jigs @ 2, Tux Paint, Apte, Photo Story
my name is Evelyn Frank and I am teaching in VS Unterhaching nearby Munich/Bavaria. Since this schoolyear we try out to use Moodle with class 2 (children aged 7 - 8). It is our first try on this and we started to use the third party module "storytelling". Right now we are successful with this module and we came in contact with a developper of this module (university in Barcelona) as we made a small video and put it on internet. Next week the developper will come to us by visiting. She told us that the module will become more functions and we are looking forward to help by exchanging our ideas as also to avoid bugs. In our Moodle room we put a picture for the kids which they click and then they will be on the place where they can write their little storys. We only show them in the Moodle room one "theme" but there are more that we dont show them. Maybe we can come in contact?
You can watch the small video right here
best regards Evi
PS: sorry but my English is not the best :)))), so I hope you can understand what I am talking about
Hi Evelyn!
I will gladly work with you, I will begin to use the moodle English, hitherto reigned there, Polish. See my moodle how you like it, write. Yours, ewa
We are happy to undertake to cooperate. Waiting for szczegóły.ewa
We are happy to undertake to cooperate. Waiting for details. ewa



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