Hi there, I have a question for my colleagues out there on the net. We are working on a project 'Let's Learn Together'. Teachers and students will create content together using resources and web2.0-tools. Next projectmeeting will be in my school and I'm looking for people that want to add content or contribute resources about Brussels, capital city of Belgium. If you are interested just send me a message. We have 2 websites:
official website: http://llt01.webs.com
platform: http://ptsmm.be/claroline188
Thanks and hope to hear from you soon

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I was in Brussels this summer for three weeks...what a beautiful city! I especially enjoyed the waffles sold near the Grand Plaza. I wish I could get some here!
Cities cover the globe, why Brussels?

(Yes, I've been there a few times, but the question remains)
Because Brussels is Brussels ...and if teachers and students from Europe want to be more aware of their being part of something bigger and more inclusive than their hometown or their country, Brussels is the right place to visit!!

Susanna Terni - Umbria - Italy - Europe -
I want to learn more about Brussels. Everything happens in Brussels and I remember thinking as a younger man ' where the hell is Brussels'
How can I and my 5ht grade class become part of this. Brussels is a city, but isn't it 'every city' in a sense and much more. email me and get our podcasting energy with you!!! riosclass.com

santa ana , California (alien nation) USA (soon to be rescued by Barack Obama... thank the Good Lord)
Dear Robert,

I'm so happy to meet you again.. anyhow let's cut the usual long story short... by next week my third year students are going to load on http://ptsmm.be/claroline188 some info in Italian about Bruxelles (that's how we write and read it here in Italy) so that they can improve their knowledge both of the platform and the city of Brussels. It's incredibly unbelievable how fascinated they are by everything which, according to their too young mind, doesn't have the foggiest connection to improving their knowledge of the world!!!!

I do not know whether I'll be in Brussels because there are big changes going on in my school and given that we are educators before and after all I think it is up to our new Headteacher to decide who is coming to your school.... provided you inform him officially about the second meeting and you invite officially the teachers from my school.
Never forget that the secret secret of the Italian success in History and in the world is how clever we are in complicating our daily lives with endless bureaucratic procedures which really brand our stamina!!!!

Lots of Love to you and Gert

Susanna Umbria

I'm married to a Belgian (Flemish speaking) and have been for 25 years so I know not just the city but environs around Brussels too. No shortage of things to see and do there .. some of them worthwhile.. and others ...??? well those too. I'd say the topic is incredibly broad.

If it's art
the Musee des Beaux Arts .. is well worth a visit (home to some incredibly work by Ruebens, Manet, Magritte - of course) stands out ... but the contemporary art scene is also interesting.. and then there is the new Magritte Museum opening in 2009.

If it's architecture
Horta House and the Music Museum ... for Art Nouveau
the Future House near Jette .. for contemporary ideas

If it's food
I'd say that I've never experienced a bad meal in all the years that I've been there .
stand out dishes? witloof with ham and emmental cheese, mussels with fries, Ghent waterzooi soup

If it's transportation
trains, trams and buses all interconnected so that you have to wonder why they bother with cars..
bike paths and supporting bike hotels or cafes
canals that also divide the place

I could go on .. but at least that's a start.



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