I recently came across a few long-standing blogs that never crossed my path during my Google searches, and I was thinking that a Classroom 2.0 discussion about blog-sharing might be helpful, since we are members of "the social network for educators using collaborative technologies".

If you have a blog you'd like to share, either your own, or one that you'd recommend, post a reply with a link to the blog, the author's name, the focus of the blog, and perhaps a few words about why you find it interesting or useful.

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Here are my blogs:

Interactive Multimedia Technology

I have another blog that I use to post my reflections about what I'm learning in my mid-life journey as a computer/tech student:
The World Is My Interactive Interface

(I changed the name of the blog to reflect my current topics.)

Update 6/15/10
It has been a very busy school year!  The exciting news is that one of my schools has a multi-touch SMARTTable, and every classroom has an interactive whiteboard.  The teachers worked very hard to ramp up their IWB skills and I'm amazed at how quickly this interactive technology was adopted.    Of course, interactive applications and websites are pretty awesome on a huge screen or display!    The best part is that this technology has opened up the minds of a good number of students with severe autism characteristics.

In April, I participated in a workshop at ACM's 2010 CHI conference. The topic of the workshop focused on the next generation of human-computer interaction and education.

I also joined the SparkOn group, "a social platform for people that are sparked (inspired) by creative and emergent technologies"

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When I started blogging, I didn't want to deal with comments, since I had limited time and didn't want to have a traditional word-based blog. I turned the comments setting to "off", which I realized later was not in the spirit of what we've come to know as Web 2.0. I get one comment for every 30-100 or so visitors, so far.

You might want to try Statcounter, since the free version will provide you with the data on the past 500 visitors. Sitemeter will only give you 100.

If you don't want any information about yourself when you visit blogs or websites, you can get an anonymizer to hide your info. Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anonymizer

I am usually not too good at keeping up with forum topics, but when I started this "Let's Share our Blogs" topic, I decided that I would make the time to see it through and really learn more about this phenomenon.
I am glad you did. Following your comments has led me to interesting places as well.
What started out as a blog for the schools I service as a Tech. Resource Teacher has also morphed into one for the Col. Wmsbg. Teacher Institute for the week I helped facilitate. I don't see too many history focused blogs out there, but alas, it's so hard to keep from rambling. Am I the only one? http://ppsblogs.net/brianmckee
Have you heard of David J. Staley's book, "Computers, Visualization, and History: How New Technology Will Transform Our Understanding of the Past". http://www.amazon.com/Computers-Visualization-History-Technology-Un...
That's a great title, Lynn.
Great idea! As soon as I finish report cards and add a post to my own blog I'll be back to check out these great sounding blogs. I have just recently started a blog it is: Elementarytechteacher.

I'm a TOSA in southern CA. My blog is with edublogs
What a good idea.
Adding to the blogging list, my blog on Fireside Learning.
Thanks for the forum, Lynn--it's great for sharing resources, connecting with each other!
I wonder if you will eventually collect all of these links and put them into one post.
There are so many great entries but it gets a bit difficult navigating around the various comments, etc.
(Not that I am trying to put the work on your shoulders, Lynn, just that it would be helpful when the conversation starts to slow down)

or maybe a wiki, where we can just all contribute (and non one has to shoulder any burden), and catagorize our blogs (for teachers, students, department, level, etc) so its easier to navigate?
Hi All
I am setting up an edubloggers directory with a companion del.icio.us page for easy catagorizing and searching. Should be ready this weekend so hopefully everyone who has contributed here will send me their information and get the ball rolling.
For the early birds you can join the directory as follows:

In order to be added to the directory, simply send an email to edubloggerdir@gmail.com with the following information (or as much of it as you wish to include):

1) Name
2) Country
3) Short personal biography
4) Blog Name
5) Blog Address
6) Short description of the blog
7) Name of the subject if applicable (e.g. maths, geography, etc)
8) Tags that would describe your blog
9) Education sector (primary, secondary, further, tertiary, adult, other)
10) Attach a picture/avatar or include link to one
Thanks for taking this one.



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