I recently came across a few long-standing blogs that never crossed my path during my Google searches, and I was thinking that a Classroom 2.0 discussion about blog-sharing might be helpful, since we are members of "the social network for educators using collaborative technologies".

If you have a blog you'd like to share, either your own, or one that you'd recommend, post a reply with a link to the blog, the author's name, the focus of the blog, and perhaps a few words about why you find it interesting or useful.

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Here are my blogs:

Interactive Multimedia Technology

I have another blog that I use to post my reflections about what I'm learning in my mid-life journey as a computer/tech student:
The World Is My Interactive Interface

(I changed the name of the blog to reflect my current topics.)

Update 6/15/10
It has been a very busy school year!  The exciting news is that one of my schools has a multi-touch SMARTTable, and every classroom has an interactive whiteboard.  The teachers worked very hard to ramp up their IWB skills and I'm amazed at how quickly this interactive technology was adopted.    Of course, interactive applications and websites are pretty awesome on a huge screen or display!    The best part is that this technology has opened up the minds of a good number of students with severe autism characteristics.

In April, I participated in a workshop at ACM's 2010 CHI conference. The topic of the workshop focused on the next generation of human-computer interaction and education.

I also joined the SparkOn group, "a social platform for people that are sparked (inspired) by creative and emergent technologies"

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Did any of your students write blog article on Oct 15 as part of Blog Action Day 2008? I wrote about this on my own blog and was one of over 12,000 who wrote about poverty on the same day.

Maybe this list could create it's own Blog Action Day, with topics such as "how kids learn" or "what makes me be a learner", written by kids themselves?
What a great idea!

What a great blog for your 8th graders!

So many blogs to read through!

Mine's a fairly random collection of my thoughts on education on a broad scale, reflections on projects I'm doing with my classes, and a good smattering of other bits and pieces. Feel free to drop by some time - Making Connections

Hello all! I'm a recent NU grad working for a youth tutor/mentor program in the Cabrini-Green neighborhood of Chicago. I was involved in some education research at school and have been faithfully blogging about my experience for the past 4+ months here: http://chrispip.blogspot.com/ so please check it out! I look forward to some great collaboration!
Chris, your work looks interesting. I'll revisit your blog soon!
My blog on technology and learning can be found at http://mikecurtin.edublogs.org. I'm an on-again, off-again blogger, but at the moment I'm "on-again," so stop by and say hello!
I blog about English Education and especially the gap between secondary English Education and higher ed: www.tomliamlynch.org.

I hope you find it helpful and interesting!
Most of the students I'm working with at the high school level are struggling with English. I'm a school psychologist, so I'm interested in finding, creating, and sharing "response to intervention" resources in the area of adolescent literacy and engaged learning. I look forward to going through your blog!
I just starting using a blog for my British Lit class. Thanks for the discussion.

I like how you are using video for your blog. My school district blocks many blogs, as well as YouTube. Did you get special permission to use Blogger?
I save the videos onto my computer. They are actually on YouTube. We can't use YouTube either, and I haven't asked permission. I'd be surprised if I would need permission to show their own videos. The students put on Macbeth and I recorded it.



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