How difficult is it to let your kids go at the end of the year?  Although you have a whole class coming in for another fun year how difficult is it to go from seeing the same faces everyday to seeing them less and less as the years pass?

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It can be difficult to see the students you bonded with over the school year move on, but at the same time I think it's easy to be happy for them. After all, the succeeded that year and are moving on to another year in their educational journey. You can also be happy and excited for the next year, you get a whole new group of personalities to learn and bond with. You get to help them succeed and move on. It's just part of the cycle of being a teacher to watch your students move on.
I worked in a middle school for the second half of a school year and it was difficult to see the kids go, but as teachers it is our job to make it a happy and positive transition for them.  I saw a few teachers crying and holding onto their students which got the students upset even so much as to where the students were saying they didn't want to go to high school and they didn't want to leave their teachers.  I think that we need to be the examples to our students and not let them see our sadness, we need to show them excitment and happiness for them.
I am not a teacher yet, but i can imagine how hard it is to let your students go. Im sure they are thinking the same thing, but you have to realize that you have put such a great impact on those current students and seeing them excel is all part of teaching. You can always have them stop by and say hi every now and again, but know that you can have this same feeling with your students to come.

As a college student, I am only with the students that I teach for one semester at a time and I already have trouble leaving them at the end of each semester!  Although I am only in their classroom one day a week, I definitely become attached to the students and vice versa.  I had a little girl last semester when I was in a first grade classroom cling onto me as the bell rang after school crying her eyes out because she didn’t want me to leave and it absolutely broke my heart.  I think the most important thing when leaving children is to let them know how much you enjoyed your time with them and letting them know that this will not be the last time you see them. 



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