After 7 years it became fairly certain that while professional developemnt was happening in Second Life-getting kids in there to problems-solve build and collaborite was NOT going to happen anytime soon. So after a time of virtual field trio by way of the school Projector-I wanted more and the kids wanted I packed my virtual bags and was off to the RG...Kirish43, aka Kelley DeBoer in RlL; Haley Swansong on Sl became Haley Dunning on the RG.

I know I swore lst year I would not add more more vessle of communication. After all I twitter, I ning, I facebook,email, voicemail, wave, blog and am a wiki lover from way back when. Now beofre you all remind me it was my new years resolution to not add one more thing-I did take one thing away.I did not write any grants this year. SO I call it even.

Life on the Rg is fun, frustrating, invigorating, satisfying,crazy, and hugely time consuming. There are lots of things I would have done differently to set it up-but we are well into the thick of it now. I have 3 sections of 8th grade 14-18 kids in each section. I set up teenage looking avatars. and yes- it was all about flyng for a while . but we have finally settled into creating Pioneer Michigan. Next time I get a moment I will let you know how it goes. One kid actually said, "Who knew Math could be fun?"

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