I'm a sixth grade reading teacher and I have been doing an "article of the week" with my classes. They summarize and respond to the article each week. I typically post the article and the students respond in writing. Does anyone have a good 2.0 tool they could recommend or an idea to engage all the kids at the same time?

Here's my site for this... http://tinyurl.com/yhlcwpo

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Do you mean somewhere they can write online?

Edmodo is a micro blogging tool. You could use that. It lets you set up student accounts. Post the question on there and they blog replies.

Weebly for Education would let you set up a blog that you could moderate comments on. Students could just leave a comment on the blog for their replies. Everyone would see the comments.

Else create a collaborative document online with something like Google Docs. Students can upload their own responses.
Hello Sir,

If you would like, try Surveying students online--with Zoomerang surveys, Results are updated in real-time as respondents take your survey. Check it out http://snurl.com/zoomresults There are lots of stuff here you can find.

Have a Great day ahead!
Hey Shawn. A teacher here is using http://todaysmeet.com/. It may meet your goals, not sure. The catch - like Twitter, your message must be 140 characters or less. Once the room is created, students log in to the room and respond. This site was designed to encourage the backchannel that occurs in classrooms and presentations, but if you are looking for something quick, give this a try! (Love the pic by the way, and go phils.)
Thanks Scott- this looks to be a good tool to use when I set up a debate in my classroom. I run a structured debate where only one kid has the floor - this would be great to see what the other kids are thinking while that's going on.
I second Edmodo.
Thanks for the great ideas - I'm looking forward to trying them out. Have any of you used Twiddla? That looks to be pretty kid friendly. My classes are eager to sharet their ideas in a creative way. Thanks again!
I would think a wiki (like on wikispaces) would work. You could do small groups with individuals working on the same wiki. Let the next small group edit. I really like the Lee Lafever version of wiki explanations - http://www.commoncraft.com/video-wikis-plain-english

I've also just discovered Edmodo instead of twitter for the classroom. (Microblogging)

Hope this helps.
edmodo is awesome!
A classroom blog would fit the bill. You can see ours here http://areallydifferentplace.org
Try http://www.edmodo.com
I do the same with an article of the week. Students reply right on the web site.

Chris Arndt

Will Google Wave do the same thing? or is there features about Edmodo that are superior?
oops "are there"



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