Looking for collaborators on a "First Day of School" project

Since it is "that time of year," I think a great way to introduce kids to the concept of collaboration is to share first day of school experiences around the country and around the globe. My first thought was to do Animoto videos, but I am sure there are many other great ways to connect. Ultimately, it would be great to create a web site or wiki with all of our experiences in one place. I would foresee us talking about traditions, fears, hopes, etc. I think staying with the ages of around 7-11 would be best. This could be a really excellent project!

I am new to the idea of collaboration and trying to learn all I can about web 2.0 technology, so I am very open to any guidance anyone wants to give. I am a third grade teacher in an inner-city school in a high poverty/ high crime area. I am hoping to expose my kids to other cultures in the country/world. Let me know if you are interested!

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Mohamed, It would be great to have you on board! Where are you and what do you teach?
Hi Sam,
I teach Science at a Primary School in Singapore.
Basically, students from 10 through 12 yrs old.

Tools I enjoy using includes mindmaps and i've a wikipage.

Currently addressed at azharclassroom.wikispaces.com

Enjoy online discussions with my pupils
Sounds great! Are you all in session right now?
Hi, My name is Chris and I am in Nutley, NJ and would be interested in the First Day of School Project. We start school on September 2nd. I do agree with what you said about using Voice Thread but I'm willing to give anything a try. I am the Educational Technology Integration Facilitator for the K-6 schools here. I try to find projects for the students and teachers to get involved in. Please include me and let me know how, where, and when! Thank you!
Okay! Like I say in the earlier posts, the main thing to do is to have the teachers take pictures and get some thoughts form the kids. I should have a Wiki up soon!
Hi all! Please accept the invitation to make us "colleagues" if you have not done so already. This will make it much easier for us to communicate!
Hi Sam,

I teach K-4 computers in South Plainfield, NJ. Usually, the first day of school I take pictures of the students from the moment they arrive at school. So this sounds like a great project to start the year off with.

Also, I've used Wikispaces and VoiceThread and either/both would be easy to set up to collaborate. At this point, Skype is blocked in our district, but hopefully, that will change.
I love watching this collaboration unfold. One person gets it started, and pretty soon a global conversation is underway. Samuel, when is your first day of school? I'd love to follow up to find out how it goes.
Good luck!
We start back on the 8th. Later than some, but we get out pretty late.
Hi Samuel,
I am trying to figure out how to see what you have done so far. I can get as far as the Wiki, but the page is empty and I can't see the voicethread, animota videa, and other things you mentioned. We are doing a summer program next week and thought this might be a good time to try some of this out, but I can't show my partner what I'm talking about. A final question is how to access the wiki to add things to it when the time comes.

Love your idea for the first thing to exchange. We are already talking of where to go.

If it is faster to get to you via email, please send that to me. Mine is phoenix@phoenixschool.org.
Hi there! You are now a member of the wiki. Not sure why it is hard to get to it. I also use a mac, so there should not be a problem. The first page is just a little writing, then there is a link to my page on the right. I envision everyone having their own page here that can be linked to. Now that you are a member, I think you will be able to edit and contribute freely. I will send the link again in case the first one is messed uup somehow. You can get me by email or classroom 2.0, I have no preference! Good luck, and let me know if you are able to get on.

Sam sfye@richmond.k12.va.us

Okay all! The wiki is up and running, and the link at the bottom should take you to it. Evidently, you can request membership right from the wiki. Once you are on, you can create your page and edit as you like. Since we all have different starting dates, I would foresee pages coming online at random times. My page is just a practice page--feel free to do some practicing of your own! I still have a lot of bugs to work out. Also, I would love any advice and help with "sprucing it up" a bit. I think it looks a little dull right now. Have fun!




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