I am currently a part of a committee at our school that is trying to put together a tech curriculum. We are attempting to put together a scope and sequence plan for K-12. I am primarily working on the high school plan, but would like input from any other grades that would care to contribute. What do you feel a student should know before they pass on to the next grade concerning tech skills? Any comments on this would be greatly appreciated.

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I work in a K-8 district and we're going through the same process. We plan to start by determining what skills our students should have when they leave our district and go on to high school. We are hoping to get a copy of the tech curriculum from the high school we feed into to help with that. Once we figure out what our 8th graders need to know, then we'll start there and work our way down. We also plan to use ISTE's Technology Standards for Students and our state technology standards to provide a framework for our tech curriculum.

Good luck to you and your committee!
Thanks for the Standards link. There is some good ideas there. We have had several plans in the past, but they are so elaborate that no one can make sense of them. I like the one page idea. Things need to be more simple.
Just for interest, here are a couple of links to what other countries do.

Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence

England has a couple for K-5 that may be worth a look.

Thanks for the links. At this point I can use all the help I can get. I appreciate it.



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