I would like to connect my 8th grade students with British students ages 12-14. Does anyone have any suggestions to make this global connection?
I also will be looking for opportunities for my 6th and 7th grade students to make global connections to support their studies of ancient and medieval history.

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have you been to teachers without borders site?
You may want to have a look at teachersconnecting.com
For studies in ancient history, you may want to use the completed parts of a course I am building for Ancient Civilizations.
The Introductory Course, of 15 mini-lessons presented in flash, will be complete in a week or two. You can see it at http://www.educationalsynthesis.org/socstud/Civilization/Civilization

In addition, I have started to collect links and information on the Ancient Civilizations that will be included starting with four from the Americas: Norte Chico, Inca, Maya and Aztec, but also including some information on the usual Mediterranean and Asian civilizations. You can see this information at http://www.educationalsynthesis.org/Civilization ...

The purpose of the Introductory course is to introduce some of the concepts that are studied in the various Civilizations and explain them with modern examples so that students will understand them as they come to these concepts in studying various civilizations. As the course is still under construction, I most definitely welcome any comments and suggestions to make it more useful to this age group.

I have been posting to various sites (including this one) for connections with that age and older, and rarely get much. I am still tying to determine why this may be, but it is frustrating...

Based on my experience in the early nineties, high school age students don't mind corresponding with younger students, but do enjoy corresponding with adults. I just wrote a suggestions to someone about a colonial unit for 4th graders, and suggested they try to round up educational consultants at the various museums and national park sites to correspond with their students. This may be more fruitful than corresponding with other classes. But, keep looking for the other classes. You may find some jewels!
I run an online community called the Global Education Collaborative where you can find project partners: http://globaleducation.ning.com. If you post a detailed description of a project you have in mind, you might find another teacher who would like to collaborate. If you have questions, please let me know know!

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