My name is Michele Lattanzio. I am looking for collaborators all around the world to have debates, discussions, etc. I teach English and Speech and Drama. I am looking to work with teachers to create a great experience for our students.

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Hi Michelle,
I work in NJ and I teach AP Literature and Composition 12 - what kinds of things are you looking to do?
Hi Tracy. I teach in Pennsauken NJ. I teach 10th graders and I just had an idea. I was hoping to open with poetry. I usually teach poetry and music. I was hoping for an end project to do an open mic night. I will also be requiring my students to create glogs for their poems. This might lend to collaboration easily. Perhaps skype the open mic. Create an igoogle collaboration where students could work on writing poems together. Skype discussions. The possibilities are endless. We could even attack a different subject altogether.
Very excited.
I have a friend in British West Indies, who teaches Geography.
I would love to try to collaborate any way that I could. Any suggestions for cross content curriculum?
I teach Psychology and Sociology in New England (USA) My students are seniors. (ages 17-19) We would love to debate/discuss.
This might be wonderful!!! I like to teach different aspects of psychology while studying the characters in literature. Last year I did a mock trial where we needed a sociologist and a psychologist while readint "The Yellow Wallpaper". We had to try to prove if the main character was crazy or not based on the information from the Victorian era and psychological beliefs of that time. It would have been great to collaborate with a psych teacher. I also like to use the different levels of morality to test character decisions. I think this might be a great start. What do you think?
Hi Michelle. I have a debate class for seniors only and I have several speech classes. I would love to do a collaboration type project. Email me at Thanks!

My seniors have their own laptops so skype is what I would use to have discussions or mini debates.
Would like to begin debates with your group when your new term begins in Jan. 2010

Michael Cunnigham
Would like to begin poetry conferences with your group when your new term begins in Jan. 2010

Michael Cunnigham
We would love to debate with you.
What time are your classes? What time zone? I have a teacher available: 8:30 - 11:30, 1:45 -3:15pm CST on A-days and 8:30 - 12:30 CST on B-days. We should schedule and introductory session and test equipment before committing.



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