I started doing 2O minute technology trainings with the staff at my school, but I am looking for other ideas. So far I have had sessions on Flickr and Audacity. Anyone have any ideas of what you do with your staff or would love to get a training on if you could?


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why not on using ning! I have found this a great resource and think many teachers could benefit. I am going to present this to my staff as well.
Remember, ning is for kids 13-17.
Thanks Nancy, I did not realize that. It would only work for our 8th graders then. Not sure it would be the most beneficial thing to teach right now. Thanks for letting me know!
Oh, no, I meant presenting to the staff for staff development. Showing them how to use it for networking in their own areas. Not to use with kids. Using it as a teacher tool, not student tool. if you were looking for ideas that the teachers could use WITH the students--Voicethread, kerpoof, creating podcasts, just highlighting great websites in their subject areas
Thanks Maureen! I did want to highlight tools the teachers could use with their kids. I need to check out voicethread. I have heard about it, but it's one of those web 2.0 tools still on my list of things to check out.
I agree here. We are using this in my school and having tons of fun doing so!

I'm wondering why ning is only for kids ages 13-17? Has anyone used this with younger students? It seems like the perfect environment for younger students since the creator of the group is able to control everything.
It has to do with COPPA, the laws enacted to protect kids on the internet. There have been and are several discussion going on here now about that exact topic. Search for "COPPA" and you might find some more indepth info.

I beg to differ about ning being the "perfect" environment for younger kids. You could probably keep a handle on the content and interactions in grades K-3 but I wouldn't want the responsibility of monitoring (and controlling) 9-13 year olds. As I said in another discussion, there are too many nooks and crannies. Not only is there the forum page, but there are individual blogs, potential for chats, and a messaging system. Kids can upload content, video and audio. All it would take is one crude comment or an innapropriate picture or pirated music download to get a teacher in big trouble. I monitor a student blog with 50 blogger kids and it's time consuming enough to read all of their posts and comments, without having to wory about personal spaces, chats, IMs and downloads.

With all the tools available I think it's really important to decide whether the tools enhance teaching and learning. Kids aren't easily fooled by the flash, they don't need SOCIAL networking in elementary school. They certainly benefit by collaboration but that can be done is safe ways. Finished blathering. Think about it. N

You can see all we've done here.
I would suggest Google Docs. I am impressed with the amount that can be done now. Or possibly blogs.
That's a great suggestion! I did a 5 week spreadsheet training last year and one session I dedicated to Google Docs. The teachers were pretty impressed-so I could try it again.
I've just started using Google Earth with my kids and all I have to say is "wow",
Google Earth would be another great session. What kinds of things have you been using with your kids?



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