Hello, I was wondering if anyone who has worked with iPod touches in the classroom has ever found something that could be used to charge and sync multiple iPod Touches all at once?  I remember hearing someone talk about a suitcase sized thing that hold (10 - 20) iPods and sync and charge them with one computer...

I quickly googled it but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for..

Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction.

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Bretford is the brand of cart we use.... they also have the suitcase ones you are referring to....
We use the bretford cart as well. Best results happen when you hook it up to a mac. I've tried a couple of PCs and had horrible luck. Does the suitcase work any better on a PC?
Here's a question... If I buy 1 copy of a program using iTunes... With that App sync to all iPods? Also does iTunes see each iPod distinctly or does it see the whole lot as one iPod?
It sees them as seperate devices, and yes that one app will sync to all of YOUR devices. Something interesting I also found is that if a student has their own and they want to authorize it on your computer, you can authorize it, transfer their purchases and then add yours to theirs. I had to do that for a student. I deleted their apps after the process was over, didn't know if it would be very legit otherwise.
I have used the Parasync from PARAT Solutions (www.paratsolutions.com)..they have a 20 unit charge and sync device..works best with a Mac

We are very happy with our Datamation Systems products.  They offer several solutions that will charge and secure up to 32 iPods/iTouches as well as charge and sync solutions that will support a variety of capacities from 8 units to 49. http://www.pc-security.com/products_solutions/iPod/iPod_sync-and-ch...

Oh and here are some more nice options from Datamation for you to check out http://ipadcarts.com/solutions/DS-IPT-4.htm



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