A colleague wants to play some PowerPoint Jeopardy with his students and his looking for recommendations on the template that is most like the T.V. game show. Does anyone have any ideas?

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try this template, music and all! it's full of literature content, so just swap it out with your content... it's made of hyperlinks and action buttons, so click around it a bit to get a feel for how it works... for example, on the answer slide, if you click above the text it will move to the next slide... you need to click on the blue background (the action button) to return from the answer to the menu...
Here's one - don't for get to "enable macros".
Thanks very much, gentlemen.
The best (that is, most accurate) I've ever seen is the one done by Bill Arcuri. The sounds are there, the color scheme is perfect, and it is set up in such a way as to be very, every easy to use.

If you google Bill Arcuri Jeopardy you'll find it all over. It was one of the first really good ones out there. I've been using that same template for 6 years now.
I know that there are a lot of free PowerPoint games available on the internet. To help in your search you can go to Google, click on advanced search, and they have an option that allows you to search for filetype.

I have also found a company that sells some really nice PowerPoint games www.ftcpublishing.com They have PowerPoint versions of Clue, Operation, Magic Eight Ball, Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and many more. Good graphics ... good sound effects ... and you can edit everything. My students love them (and I teach high school math).

FTC Publishing has also released games for iBoards that don't use PowerPoint. I personally haven't tried them. But they offer free download demos.
Thanks for the tips. For now, my science colleague is trying to not buy a template. We're getting the staff's feet wet with easy, free stuff before we get anyone subscribing to the more expensive services.
here is the template I will be using on Monday...
A tech funny--we were informed that it was copyright infringement to use these types of games--Jeopardy, Who Wants To e A millionaire, etc.
We have them all! I'd also go with the Big Board ... a cool variation. But you'll like them all. Either go to our Games page (under Play) or go to our Resources Share tab and select PPT games, more there than on the Games page - shared by many teachers...

But I'd suggest you go for BAAM! A game I developed which is much more "engaging" than Jeopardy because it creates suspense... Here's an example.



What do you mean you have them all? That's great! Do you have them on a page that they are available for download?

On EFL Classroom, click the Play tab and then the Games sub tab. Scroll to the very bottom and you'll see powerpoint templates. Also see BAAM games and Big Board. Similar to Jeopardy. Just download them and edit with your own content.

You have to be a member or you can wait until Feb. which is our Open House month. No sign in necessary throughout February.

I have many more games to put up there, I'm way behind but hope to get them there shortly...

Thank you! Are there any copyright issues? Could I post these for my teachers to download as well? If so, who should I give credit to?



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