A colleague wants to play some PowerPoint Jeopardy with his students and his looking for recommendations on the template that is most like the T.V. game show. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Fair use: It is about what you can do, not about what you can't.

I've given up on copyright. I've read the law and I'm well within it and yet I still get my stuff taken down from Youtube from time to time. You know what? Sue me. Go ahead. Do it. Sue a teacher for sharing your product with a generation that otherwise wouldn't give you the time to day.

Rant aside, I've heard the same Nancy has regarding game show PPTs. As such, I have renamed Jeopardy to Jurupardy (teach at Jurupa Middle) out of spite.
Is it realistic to put it to the kids and have them come up with a template- makbe a group of them - or if jeopardy is not the most efficient way to do it - have them come up with a more efficient medium or tool- always looking for a way to provide students with an authentic experience
Wow, thanks everyone. These are great resources.
Hi James -- I have one done by an Earth Science 11 student. If you'd like I can send you the PPT file. We started from the template at this link http://www.jmu.edu/madison/teacher/jeopardy/jeopardy.htm. The student was given a list of easy/med/difficult topics that he could choose from to make the questions. He set different points for the different levels of difficulty and the added clues that would help the player get the answer. This way he had to work out the right amount of content to reveal about each topic with each clue.
hey, check out this awesome awesome flash based jeopardy game. http://www.pftq.com/gameshowmaker/ all you need to do is follow the directions in the readme and you should be golden. i tried it with my students and they were AMAZED . there is music, daily double - random, question music the whole 10 yards.... check it out
Here's another good one for you to try with game show sounds.. You can change the Introduction slide or add a slide with some photos of Alex Trebec. The template works with PPT 2003 and the sound files are embedded. It has both a first and second round available.
I have been using the game BAM with my students and they love it. However, I cannot figure out how to change the BAM frame to a different number on the home board. The students have quickly figured out which numbers/squares to avoid. How to I change this? Thanks, Linda

I wanted to use a Jeopardy PowerPoint game for a presentation, and I downloaded a few that are linked in this thread (thank  you). Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with links not changing color once viewed, which is how most of these templates work - the link changes color after the category/dollar amount is viewed. My version of PowerPoint wasn't correctly changing the link colors and it was confusing as to which questions had already been chosen or not. 

I decided to build my own template using a different method for the game board links - in this version the link disappears entirely once you select it, making the game board appear empty at the end of the round (much more realistic to the real Jeopardy game).

Anyway - I wanted to share it with anyone else out there that might be interested. It is free to download from my website, here is the link: 


Eventually i'd like to add some higher quality sounds to it as well, but that is a project for another day :)



If you have an older Jeopardy PowerPoint game where the links are not changing colors properly (2003 and earlier), I have found that you can play it using PowerPoint viewer - a free download from Microsoft - Install it and open the presentation from the View program and then it works fine.

Here's one with sounds using PowerPoint 2003 http://lynnembailey.com/ppt.htm . To play correctly in new versions, use PowerPoint viewer, as it hasn't been updated yet.



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