Our 4th grade social studies team is interested in finding a classroom of 4th grade students to communicate with via Skype. Our school is located in rural Iowa, so ideally, we would like to partner with a school in a very different setting - a large urban school, for example. Our town is less than 2,000 and there are only 100 or so students in each grade level. We would like to explore differences in school and family life (rurual/urban). We can also preface the Skype session with ePal exchanges if that is of interest to you.

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I may not be radically different enough for you. I have a four-five split this year, 12 are fourth graders. We are in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (population @36 000). My students are becoming familiar with Skype and we have three possible connections in the classroom. I am interested in these sorts of exchanges. My students all have student email accounts as part of their network connection.

In School Skype: wikistange (my contact)
Thank you for your offer. Our teachers want to focus on the U.S., so I will have to pass.
Would your students be interested in connecting with a fourth grade classroom in Stow, Ohio? I can connect you with the teacher and you can see if the exchange would be of value. She is just beginning to Skype and is interested in using with her fourth graders.
HI Kathy,
I am the Curriculum Director of a suburban district in Northeastern OH. Our district has almost 6000 students and we have many fourth graders that would love to skype with your students. I am not sure if we meet the criteria you are looking for but would love to connect you with our fourth grade staff. Let me know if you are interested.
Our social studies text puts Ohio in the midwest, not the northeast, so we will need to pass on that offer. Thanks!
Hi Kathy-
I'm the tech integration specialist in Williston, Vermont. I just sent out your request to the 4th grade teachers (most are third/fourth multiage) in my schools. At least three classes want to do this with you. Please let me know if you still need someone to connect with. We're ready! bbirdsall@wsdvt.org
Bonnie, Thanks!
I'm going to file your name away for the future. Our teachers are looking for an urban school this time around. Here is a neat wiki you can add your info to http://skypeinschools.pbworks.com/Directory
Thanks for your prompt reply. I'll pass along the link. Keep us posted if you need a classroom in Vermont!
Hi Kathy, I am a Teacher Integration Specialist in Sayville, NY. We are in Long Island. Are you still looking to work on ths project via Skype?? If so, I can reach out to some of my 4th grade teachers to see if they are interested.
Yes! That would be awesome!
Ok let me see if I can rally someone up. I'll keep you posted.
I am a second grade teacher in New York State. We have only 20 students in our fourth grade class. I think our fourth grade teacher would love to do this with you. Would you be interested?



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