Looking for video conference with schools in the US / UK / Canada / Australia / South Africa / New Zealand etc

I have just got up and running our VC equipment and would love to communicate with schools in the US / England / Canada... (Native English speaking countries). We are a Mexican school (American school of Aguascalientes) with a high level of English.

We are looking for chat with grade 1 - 6 Elementary and also 7-9 Secondary.

If anybody is interested please communicate with me (Andy) at americanschoolags@gmail.com

Best wishes

You can check us out at:


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I have students in grades 6, 7, and 8 who are interested in interacting with students in other countries. We have daily computer access and e-mail accounts. In addition, we have skype and videoconferencing abilities (must be set up ahead of time).

I hope we can work together!
I have a teacher in our Middle School (grades 6-8) who teachers Spanish. She is looking to connect her students wtih another English/Spanish speaking class. Her original goal was to give each class to communicate in the language they are learning while learning about each others culture, daily life and schools. We could use a wiki to hold discussions and share content. We would then like to setup a collaborative project. We were thinking about discussing current events, sharing digital stories or setting up a video conference. We can use skype or our polycom room conferencing systems. We have a 1.5 mbps pipe dedicated to video conferencing here.

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Hello. I am a teacher at a high school in New Jersey. What type of project interests you?
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