I would definitely like a google wave account!



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If you have not already received an invitation form someone else, email me: stange@sasktel.net

I have a few.
Thanks Alan. Got my invitation today.

I'm VERY new, but if anyone wants to add me I would appreciate it!

Does anyone still have Google Wave invites? Doesn't look like Google is going to be adding new accounts for a while.

I am very interested in collaborating with other educators on "The Wave!"

I was invited and had heard that Google will send invites in to my account to give to others. I guess if they are not adding new accounts now, that may explain why invites that I can give to others haven't yet shown up. I hope they open up the spigot again soon.

I am planning on hosting another 'peek at Wave' session soon in Elluminate so that those as yet without an invite can see it and learn more about it. Let me know if you want me to keep you in the news loop for that.
I have a google wave account, and I'd like to participate with other Classroom 2.0 members. If you have Google Wave, wave me. (I'm not sure what word or words to use to explain this!)
What your account name

Mine is bvlicata@googlewave.com
have any of you lost your account? for some reason i can no longer connect...any thoughts?
Got it THANKS! That was so fast! I love this place!
I would love a Wave account. If anyone has one to share I would appreciate it.


Thank you,

Can you pretty please add me to the Wave? I'm odstechnology@googlewave.com



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