I just got my Google Wave invite and don't have anyone else at our school to wave with yet. Would anyone be willing to add me to their contacts so that I can do something besides look at all the really cool features? I would like to use it to share elementary technology-rich projects and get real-time feedback.


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Did you get an invite yet?
Wave at me! Wave at me! I teach seventh grade social studies in Ohio and would love to hear how you're using Wave in the classroom! Thanks!

Ryan -
I'm adding you to my contacts. Don't know of anyone who is using it in the classroom at this point because of the limited distribution. Right now, I think most people are still learning the interface and trying to connect with others to collaborate.
I'm still in the classroom at the moment. Time to head home soon I'm guessing. Is anyone taking the responsibility of connecting the new posters to the Wave we started? The growing connections are awesome. My division does not allow users to install plugins so I cannot check the wave at school. Rats :(
Tried once at school today, but during lunch which is the worst possible time in our corp to get on, so the interface was very sluggish. It was just as well. I would have gotten nothing else done the rest of the day - lol.
Hi there! I'd like to try googlewave as well, could you plz kindly invite me? nico13426@gmail.com plz plz :p
For those of you who have a google wave address and have posted on this board, I'm going to start a wave and include everyone who has posted here. For those who haven't gotten an invite, your name gets submitted to google and google sends the invite, or I would gladly pull everyone in! I am waiting to hear at school from 2 people in our tech dept and if they take my invite submissions to google, then I am out :( Can anyone else help connect some of these people with an invite?
I'm scrounging around. If my people get back to me I will offer them.
Thanks a lot, Amy, I'll wait see if I can get an invitation, just sent the form to be enlisted to google. will add you to wave when I have one, appreciate your effort!!
Did you get an invite yet?
Hi Everyone! I am a Lead teacher in my district and we're working creating 21st century learning situations. I'd love to join the wave and share our projects as we create them. Synergy in collaborating! My email is christel.smith@gmail.com



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