I just got my Google Wave invite and don't have anyone else at our school to wave with yet. Would anyone be willing to add me to their contacts so that I can do something besides look at all the really cool features? I would like to use it to share elementary technology-rich projects and get real-time feedback.


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It will be interesting to see how many teachers we can get using this technology. blaangs@googlewave.com
i use it that is one;
I have to talk to my tech department. Not only is Google Wave blocked, but my blog gadget did not work on the school computers.
I took a look at your embedded wave excited to see what it was going to be like. I never got it to load. I am not so sure if it is a school blocking issue or a beta stage issue with Wave. Have you seen any other blogs yet with working Wave embeds?
My wave address is kakronfeld@googlewave.com. Please add me if you like. I am still trying to figure out how it works - thanks!
Tammy, are you talking about a Wave within a Wave? I am just trying to understand to what you are referring. That sounds tricky.
Posting a Wave within a web page (blog, wiki, site, Moodle, etc). I am eying this feature maturing because I see lots of potential in it for my online classes that I teach once Wave goes public).
My embeded wave generally -- not always -- works at home. For me it is a school division issue. Likely it is a beta issue as well. I have not seen any other embeded gadgets.
My google wave is bvlicata@googlewave.com
Looking forward to working with some people on google wave, currently I know two people on wave but they are still quiet
Hello Amy
I am more than ready and willing to have u invite me to wave with you. I am Verbena from Guyana. I lecture at our teacher training institution and we HAVE ONLY RECENTLY been introduced to the whole new world of ITC. It really is exciting. I noticed that to be a part of Google wave u have to be invited. So please invite me.

I have introduced my students to blogging and we are doing some work through Edmodo. I have set up a website from which they can access tasks and links to relevant support material. By the way my subject is Spanish methodology. email: vernawil@gmail .com
Hoping to hear from u soon.

I have added you to several waves, one of which Tammy is part of--it will help you start to figure it all out.
Yep, anyone can add me.




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