I just got my Google Wave invite and don't have anyone else at our school to wave with yet. Would anyone be willing to add me to their contacts so that I can do something besides look at all the really cool features? I would like to use it to share elementary technology-rich projects and get real-time feedback.


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I just found my wave address alvaroricsch@googlewave.com, add me as a contact!
I just added you to my google wave contacts. I loook forward to collaborating!
Count me in. armoorefam@googlewave.com
Just added you to my google wave contacts. I'm getting pretty good at added people to contacts - not so good at doing much else :)
Hi Tammy, I have added you, hope this is okay helencrompton@googlewave.com
No problem! I think it's great!
I am in teh same situation as well! brandy.stern@googlewave
I just added you Brandy! Can't wait to collaborate on this!
I have the same learning goal and the same problem. Google Wave looks good, but I need educational contacts - a community of purpose to join. Hope we both find one.


connect with me anyway; it will start the networking we both need. How do we add each other? I am still trying to figure that up.
I added you to my contacts. To add a person, go to "Manage Contacts" on the bottom left-hand side of google wave. Click on the "+" sign and a window will pop up that says "Add new contact." You then type in their wave address and click on the "submit" button. They should show up in your contacts.
(My address is techbrownie@googlewave.com)

Speaking for myself only, I think it will take a little time to feel comfortable with wave, but I think it has a lot of potential for real-time collaboration between classrooms and with other teachers/tech teachers.
Amy, it sounds like you may still need to start a Wave with the contacts that you have collected. If you are not quite sure how, I can start one and bring everyone in. I have started Waving with my kids in the last 24 hours and have picked up a lot very quickly. Kids seem to figure this stuff out like it was pouring in to their veins intravenously, bypassing the slow digestive process we adults seem to need. lol.
That's a great analogy. I've been afraid to surf, because I've been so busy exploring so many other web 2.0 tools, but it sounds like Google Wave is the wave of the future. Can anyone get me an invitation?



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