I just got my Google Wave invite and don't have anyone else at our school to wave with yet. Would anyone be willing to add me to their contacts so that I can do something besides look at all the really cool features? I would like to use it to share elementary technology-rich projects and get real-time feedback.


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Hello all. Is anyon able to invite me to Google Wave so that I can begin exploring ways that we could use this new tool at my school? Thanks for your help! 'm at: huestisp@casady.org or peterbhuestis@gmail.com
Did you get an invite yet?
Please add me too poojasrinivas@

Here's a beginner's guide on using Google Wave: http://www.poojasrinivas.com/googlewave/
Please add me to your waves as well. passandr@googlewave.com


I've got some invitations to give out.

Respond to a comment on my blog and I'll give you an invitation to Google Wave, until it runs out.

My blog address is http://www.lessontech.blogspot.com
I would be interested in doing this. I am an Instructional Technology Specialist at 2 schools in the Houston area, and have daily interaction with students in grades K-5. however, I have not been invited to Wave yet. Can you invite me? I would love to collaborate on some projects. Do you have access to videoconference equipment?
Michele Lyles
Did you get an invite yet?
I'd like to invite you all to a group I've created for Teachers using Google Wave: http://groups.google.com/group/teachersonwave
I'm still trying to figure wave out. I found the first wave but I can't seem to reply to anything. Any ideas?
Hi, my id is ajayshroff@googlewave.com. Add me to your wave!
Hi, I have added you to my contact. If you are interested you can join my teachers' group and interact with other teachers. This group has just been created and the discussion will be only on Google Wave. http://www.askrangoo.com
Me too - dbmurdoch@googlewave.com
Will add the names here as well!



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