I am an instruction technology leader at my school and I am looking to network with other educators stepping out into the world of web 2.0. I work at a technology magnet that is not meeting the needs of its students. It frustrates me to no end to know of the technology collaborative tools availabe but still see my school working in the "traditional" framework of education. I would love to meet some people utilizing technology effectively either district wide, school wide, or even in a single classroom. Looking forward to hearing your responses.

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Greetings: blogging has been a great resource for me. Virginia has required tech teachers for every 1,000 and I network with them. At my blog in the right hand corner are some places I've accessed for ideas. http://www.vste.org has some ideas, as does the Cool Cat Teacher blog. Good luck.
I am a technology integrator for my school district (we have 2 high schools, 4 middle schools, and 9 elementary schools). If you let me know what some of your teachers would like to do and what grade, I may be able to help out. Hope I can help.
Thanks for the response. I work for a middle school (grades 6-8). Currently, we are requiring each team to use technology while teaching one collaborative unit per nine weeks. Many of the teams are currently finishing their projects, but they seem to be all using technology, but not working as collaboratively as I would like. Do you have any ideas or examples of how groups of teachers are using technology to collaboratively create project based assignments?
Like you, I am the technology teacher at our school. I hear about students struggling in class and when they come to technology they are an absolute genuis. Kids love the web 2 tools and are totally engaged when using them, a revolution! They are reading and writing and loving it. There has to be a way to get this technology into classes everywhere to help kids learn! I guess change educational pedagogy in small steps, start in our classrooms?? What do you think?
What seems to be working best at my school is to have my "high flyers" use technology and then share it with the staff to perhaps motivate one or more teachers. I have a few teachers that are doing great things with blogs and I have a couple that are starting to use Wikis for collaboration. It is very small steps, but change seems to happen more when a classroom teacher presents what they are doing rather than me who doesn't have a classroom. What grade do you teach? I'm at a middle school and have a technology teacher really excited about using Wikis. Perhaps there is something you guys could work on together--distance learning.

Let me know what you think.
Hi Erich,
I am an Instructional Technology Specialist in Columbus City Schools. We have about 140 schools in my district, and approximately 55,000 students. Some of our teachers are using Web 2.0 tools. It appears to me that Wikis and Blogs are probably easiest for them to use. They like to create class web sites with those tools. I love wikispaces and they are currently giving teachers free accounts with no advertisements www.wikispaces.com . I also make sure to tell them about Slideshare www.slideshare.net and VoiceThread www.voicethread.com . They like Slideshare to get PPT presentations and VoiceThread for student projects. Both of those are big hits! YouTube is blocked in our district, but TeacherTube is not. I let them know about Zamzar so that if they find a video in YouTube they want to use they can convert it and put it in TeacherTube to stream it at school. www.zamzar.com
Wow. Thanks for the input. My district allows us to use wetpaint and blogger and I have some teachers participating in those tools. I am certainly going to investigate slideshare and voicethread.

Do you have any schools participating in distance learning?
What are the collaborative tools that are avialable at your school?
Hey Erich, I'm in my first year as an instructional technology specialist in Pittsford, NY. I am working hard to get the technology integrated into the education. I'm worried the students percieve the computers as something seperate from learning - they leave the classroom, come to the labs, have computer time, and then go back to the classroom. We have computers in the classrooms as well, but not nearly enough to break this culture. Have you encountered this? What have you tried to fix it?



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