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I teach fourth grade in Detroit, MI. I am looking to link up with classrooms from around the globe for a technology-centered project. We're able to use Skype, podcasting, wikis, Edmodo, and more. We are open to anyone's ideas and also open to joining existing projects. 

A couple of ideas that I had include an online book club (a la http://bookclub21.wikispaces.com, a project I started last year but that never got off the ground) or a project about hometowns (a la Life Round Here http://liferoundhere.pbworks.com, which I don't think is running this year). But, again, I'm open to anything.

I think my class would be a good match for projects for fourth, fifth and sixth grades. We could start anytime after mid-September. If you are involved in a project, interested in collaborating, or have an exciting idea in mind, please let me know. Thanks.

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Hi Ben,
I just passed this on to my 4th and 5th grade teachers and will let you know. Hopefully, someone will be interested. I teach technology and see all grades K-5 so if nothing else, I may be able to collaborate with you with one of the classes that I see.
That would be terrific. Thanks, Debra.
Hi Debra,
Remember my post about collaborative projects? Well I have one ready to start Nov. 1 that would be good for grades 4-5. It's an online book club and it's centered on read-aloud novels. Maybe you have some teachers that would be interested? Or maybe you have a handful of students that would be? Let me know. Here's the wiki: http://bookclub21.wikipaces.com Thanks.
I will aske them tomorrow and get back to you. If not as a whole class with their homeroom teacher, then i will do it with them and you. I DO think one of the 4th grade teachers is definitely interested though. I'll check back with you tomorrow afternoon.
Ben, the link to the wiki appears to be taking me to an ad space for wikis. Can you check this and let me know?
Oh my gosh...I'm sorry! Try http://bookclub21.wikispaces.com I forgot an "S."
that works. so, if I am understanding this correctly, (and know that I am making a guess here b/c I have NOT looked at the inspiration wiki), we will read this same book and place comments on the wiki. Will you and me (or the classroom teacher) put up questions? I'll look at the other wiki tomorrow.
The way the other one worked is with teachers kind of posting things as we go along, it might be a podcast or a movie or voicethread, etc. in response to a prompt. They post this and other classes comment, or create a similar activity. For this one it will kind of be teachers doing what they want to do, when they're able to do it. But I'd also like to set up a group in Edmodo to use as a discussion board. Hope that makes sense.
ePals is a global community where you can connect your students to classrooms all over the United States and the world. They include ideas for collaborative lessons on the site, too.

Hi Ben
I teach 3-5 and would love to collaborate with you on the hometowns project, I will check ou the pbworks page. Are you thinking about moving the page, if so let me know. Thanks
It's not my page, I'm just stealing the idea! I'll be putting together a new wiki page for it. I'll keep you posted.
Hi there -
We are looking for some classes to contribute comments to some VoiceThread projects that we are working on (and will be ready in a week or two). Although the projects will be created by 2nd graders, they are about how the ecology and land use of an area of land changes over a period of time, and I'm sure that your students would have some great comments to leave us based on their own previous learning or personal experiences. And, of course, VoiceThread is probably something that you are either already set up with or will be using in the future, so this could be a great introductory activity for them...
Let me know if you are interested and I can send you more details so you can decide.
Monica McQueen
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