I am just wondering how others manage student users on their wikis. I have members on my wiki that are students who graduated last year. Now, many of them probably don't remember their passwords but some might and I don't want them altering the wiki at this point.

I set these accounts up as part of a bulk add to my wikispaces and none of them are tied to a student's email account. I am leaning towards removing the accounts from wikispaces entirely and am hoping that I am correct in thinking this will not affect the content on my wiki that they had previously maintained.

How do others manage this?

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Ask the Wiki Guys, they usually repond quickly if you have troubles. I'd get rid of the old accounts to maintain the integrity of the wiki.
Hi Vicky,

The purpose of your wiki might be different from mine, so this may not work for you. I create a new wiki each semester for each of my classes. I can easily copy over information that I need from the prior semester, but this way only my current students can access the info. If any of last semester's students want to continue using their wiki, they are free to do so, but I don't think any of them ever have. I also use the feature that Wikispaces provides to notify me whenever a change is made to my wiki, so if anything unacceptable occurs on a current or previous wiki, I'll be aware of it right away.
I really don't want to create a new wiki each year since the parents know the URL of the current one but that is a thought for my 8th Grade wiki. Thanks.
Hi - I've used wikispaces for a few years now - when you remove them from your wiki, you're only doing that, not removing their membership. This doesn't alter you wik at all! I have all the content on one from two years ago - with usernames and everything, so I know who did what, etc. - unless a different member changes something. I like to lock certain pages that I don't want them altering...they can read them, but not edit them.

Yes, Adam and his crew at wikispaces are wonderful - and they love suggestions! They've implemented so many wonderful changes over the past three years for teachers (just takes some time for some of these changes).
Glad to hear it doesn't change the wiki in any way. I am probably going to delete membership too since the user names are specific to our school and created them through a bulk add. I'm assuming that that won't alter anything on the wiki either but maybe I'll email wikispaces just to be sure.

I do lock content I don't want changed on the wiki - either pages that I create and don't want the students to alter or pages that are complete and I don't wanted changed.




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