Our school improvement team is considering incorporating Marzano's strategies as part of our improvement effort. As a one-to-one middle school, we are particularly interested in ways to incorporate technology into the note taking and summarizing strategy. What tools are you using for note taking and/or summarizing that are effective in your classroom? We're always looking for something different to try.

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Thanks for the Inspiration suggestion, which we do have on all our computers. It really is a pretty powerful application. One-to-one refers to our laptop computer program. All our 7th and 8th graders have their own laptops this year, and next year we will extend that to the 6th grade.
I teach pre-algebra and I use schoolpads linked to my laptop so students can see how other students solve problems/take notes. The screen capture software that comes with the pads allows me to turn that into a video that I can post on our wiki. When I'd like to capture more of their thinking then I link the student with a microphone and I have a tutorial.

Another option I've used is a digipad. It's less techie, but essentially a pen capture tool. Students write their notes on a special clip board (on paper) and the pad picks up the pen movement and turns it into a static image of the final version of the notes. Again, the software converts the notes to a PDF and I can link that to a wiki.



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