I will be presenting a workshop about using Ning in the classroom at the MassCUE conference on Nov 20. As I was preparing the standard PowerPoint presentation I realized that I was going to be the sage on the stage, the very teacher role I was saying needs to change. So instead of being the "teacher" I want to have a workshop that focused more on the why and not the how of social networking. Why should we be using social networks in the curriculum? Also to get away from the classroom feel of the workshop I want to invite YOU to join us through Skype, Elluminate, WizIQ, or what ever I can get set up. Wouldn't you think that at an ed tech conference it would be easy to get online!!!. I will be presenting from 2:30 to 3:30 on Nov 20, so it would be great if some members of the Ning community could join us, let me know through this discussion or email edtech.jim@gmail.com

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I certainly would help out although im not sure how our time differences would work out
Jarrod would it be the middle of the night there when it is 2:30 pm here? We could record a Skype conversation and I could play part of it back during the workshop. Can I use your school ning as an example?
Hi Jim,

I would be very excited to help you out with this. I am an Instructional Technology Specialist in the city of Springfield, Ma. I'm very excited about this opportunity and just recently read an article about the necessity of helping students with onling networking (I'll try to find the article I read to share with you.) Count me in but give me enough time to set up the program you choose, all are blocked in our district. If you wish to contact me directly go to www.sps.springfield.ma.us and find the technology newletter. You'll find my contact information on it. Or google me! :-)
Thanks Irene. I am the Ed Tech Coordinator for Lower Pioneer Valley Ed Collab in W. Springfield. I will stay in contact as I nail down the workshop.
Hi Jim. You might try to initiate conversation on models for asynchronous online classroom instruction and professional development using online social networks. One example: This fall I organized “The Great Debate of 2008,” a project that connected students around the country via a Ning network and to share information and ideas related to the presidential election.

A fundamental question for us might be: How best to engender 21st century collaborative learning in asynchronous online environments? We might explore both opportunities and challenges in asynchronous online learning and blend conceptual frameworks with practical demonstrations.

Ideally we'd join you during your session in a Ning forum, but you might consider setting up a wiki where we could post ideas and resources and start/contribute to discussion threads.

Look forward to your session!

I work in Lawrence, MA and have Tandberg Video Conferencing equipment I would love to use with you at this time. We do not use social networking in my school. The day may be a problem. Let me see what I can do. Thursays I take my daughters to dance after school. I will see if someone else can. email me glimperis@gmail.com
Hi, Jim. I'd be glad to join you, if that would be helpful.

I give a lot of talks about social networking and Ning education. I can tell you what I do to make it interactive. First, I ask the audience what social networking is. Is going to a rotary meeting and handing out business cards social networking? Is being at a PD session social networking? When we think about social networking now, though, are we thinking about MySpace and Facebook? What if we called electronic social networking collaborative community building? Would we think differently about it?

Then I talk with them about how what we are calling social networking is really the aggregation of some social Web tools in one location which helps to build community and allow for creativity and participation. I have them help me make a list of what those tools are, and then I talk about the potential pedagogical value of each tool. For example, all social networking sites have some form of personal profile page = personal portfolio as well as an activity assessment. Forum discussions = asynchronous discussion areas. Photo and video uploading = resource and content repositories. And so forth.

Let me know how I might help.

Thanks for your help Steve. I have already included the concept of Rotary clubs and fraternities being social networks. I like your idea about collaborative community building and the aggregation of social web tools. Have you seen Dr. Steven Hepplle's keynote at the K12Online conference. I am including a clip where he talks about the development of the web and early addaptors thinking that content was king, but it was community building that really brought people to the web. It would be great if you could join us. It will be 11/20 at 2:30. I think I will use Skype, although I have been playing with dimdim and whiziq. I will keep you informed.



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