Okay I am surprised that I did not get many replies on my earlier discussion about going 1:1 with netbooks.So I am trying a more specific question-

Many existing 1:1 programs use tablet pcs but our community can not support the expense. We are going 1;1 with netbooks. I need some help however to support our math program because the schools I have talked to use the tablet function a lot in Math..SO
Without a tablet how does a math teacher best utilize 1;1 computing

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check out http://wolframalpha.com

you can use it to make graphs, call up data sets, compare numbers, integrate, differentiate, etc.

this could be a starting point. If you have a specific problem you are trying to address, such as typesetting a math test, you may need a different tool.

Take a look at wolfram alpha. For example if you type: plot sin(x) from -4pi to 8pi wolfram alpha will do it, try it out.
We are using netbooks in a 1:1 program in my building. I teach 6th grade math and use a website to post information for the students. I typically make a video lesson (about 2 minutes) as a preview and tutorial. I then link the notes from class (I use Mimio software but attach the notes as a PDF) so that students can use them while at home. Lastly, I have been using trackstar for educators to have a common place to have games by topic. The students visit this website and can play any of the linked games for the chapter. I hope that this information is helpful. Any other suggestions that other educators are doing in the classroom would be great.
Have you considered GeoGebra? Awesome free graphing/geometry software. Also Google Earth is a fantastic resource for student projects.
try geogebra it is a very good and a free programm of a dynamicly geometry
Try an online whiteboard like Dabbleboard :)

You could also give a Try to tools like Tutorsbox.com or Scribblar. The former works on IPADs and is well suited to Math and Science tutoring online.

Totally agree with WolframAlpha suggestion - something I use just about every day and many of my students check answers on WolframAlpha. Slideshows for syntax here.

Another favourite of mine has to be the outstanding Desmos graphing calculator

..actually I have lots of favourites!

I just started using the Khan Academy sight for my students. I created a class  and they love working in it. Also, chrome/Google has some math extension that can be use. My new favorite tool, has to be the one note classroom notebook. You can collaborate with your students as a group ir individually. 



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