I need proofreaders, content contributers, and users of an online math text: http://jasperstreet.homeip.net/wiki/index.php/Math .

This is not the first online text, but this is geared towards high school students. All the others that I have read seem unfocused and drift from low level approaches to very abstract approaches.

I particularly need:
video content (lectures or other) to embed directly into the wiki.

organizational comments ... I can not decide to put linear algebra as its own chapter, or
justpart of lines etc.

some of the pictures are hand drawn and may need to be implemented with computer technologies.
The jury is out on that one since I kind of like the hand drawn effect (comments are welcome).

Currently the page is protected so that my students don't put crazy things into it (they do on other parts of the wiki), but I can add you in as an editor to this text if you are interested.

The text is decidedly incomplete at this time, but I think it has potential.


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