We are looking to purchase some math software that would be useful for the middle school level. There seems to be a lot of free math practice online for K-5 but the quality of the resources drops significantly as they get closer to junior high.
Any ideas? Practice, assessment, and management would be great.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm thinking those may be over their heads. Ideally some basic practice of the 6th-8th math standards would be great. If we also could get software that also had assessments of those standards that would be even better. We are open to purchasing something, just not sure what direction to go.

My bookmarks for Middle School math links are at: http://delicious.com/StMComputers/math+MiddleSchool

Some of these are basic mental math skills but not all.
Thank you! There were some new ones to me in there! :)
I'd recommend Geometer Sketchpad, but GeoGebra is the same thing - and it's free. It recently won yet another award.
Thanks! I actually just came upon GeoGebra. It looks great, I just need some time to play around with it a bit.
Hi, I'm building BuzzMath for Junior High:


It's beta, so I could get you free accounts for your classes this year.

Enjoy :-)
That would be outstanding! That was exactly what we were looking for.
When you have a chance, let me know how we can go about trying out your website!
Hello Michelle. If I may suggest, NECTAR Foundation is part of a school district in Ottawa Canada. We market math software that have been developed by our teachers. You may view and download free trials of the products via www.nectar.ca.
www.aleks.com is excellent but requires committment
www.explorelearning.com is good but pricey!
the khanacademy.org program is free and basic and good
there are some free math software like geogebra ,i invite you to experimente it.
Where can I find the free software?



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