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Hello all. We have been having an ongoing problem with MS photostory. When students save their projects on a network share they are sometimes having problems when they go back and open them. We get the message that the file is corrupt. If we save local on the hard drive we have no problems. There is not a problem with any other files or programs. I am thinking it is a photostory issue. Has anyone experienced this? It is very frustrating because although i can restore to a previous version with our backups students normally lose a days worth of work.

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I've had the same problem. The tech guy said something about the save not being completed or timed out before it finished. We got around it by saving to the local drive and then transferring to the network once the save was complete. When the kids want to work on their projects again they would copy the file to the local drive, work, save locally and transfer to network...a pain.
I think that Photostory isn´t really supposed to work in a network environment. We are doing a storytelling project now, and I have tried both local and network experiments with Photostory. And if you are using voice and perhabs music or soundeffects the projectfile gets kind of big 30-40 mb and maybe the network isn´t that fast to handle multiple streams of voicerecordings. At monday I will try with a few groups with voicerecordings over the network.

Maybe I should download local first? We don´t have time to restore distroyed projects. A USB-memory might be the solution, if the local disc is locked. Otherwise Photostory is a very simple tool, as a teacher you don´t really have to struggle with "teaching" students how to use it. Could you share your work? Nice to get some new ideas... :))

We are doing a storytelling project and the first step is that the students get inspired from our librarians. Based on The 1000 and 1 night-tale and then they get a short story to read and interpret in their own ideas into a storyboard with 10 still images. The students are very enthusiastic and sometimes work without break for 2 hours. Amazing... (students age 11-12 years.) Next step is to create the story by them self...

sigh... I slipped away from the topic... sorry:)
I am in agreement that the software does not play well on a network. It is not a problem with my infrastructure though. I have a very strong network and core. We have many more bandwidth intensive apps that run fine. The problem occurs in opening the projects.

Local saving is the answer. It just makes it harder when you have 400 laptop computers in a building. You really don't want things saved locally. You want students to go to any machine in a building and work on their projects.



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