The Middle School Math program in our district is having trouble mainting AYP. They are looking for creative and interactive ways to teach or reteach the math material to the students. We are looking for websites, software, tools, etc that I can begin to introduce to teachers at a comfortable pace so that they can effectively use them.

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I'm new to all this but I've tried to find helpful (to me) websites. I'll pass on a few: - virtual manipulatives are so good - a moodle

I've no doubt that others have more helpful sites than these, but there might be something you can use. Some are games that can be played on Smartboards or laptops, and some are less, um, entertaining.

I'm looking forward to seeing what others add to this thread.
We use Mathletics (pay) with all our Middle School kids - and when I give them time in class there is a huge cheer - surely a good sign :)



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