Our Middle School technology teacher would like to update her curriculum. She has the students for 50 minutes, every day for only 9 weeks. Suggestions or documents that would assist her? What do you feel is MOST important to cover?

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What does the curriculum include now? What are your state standards for technology?
hey Michelle, one idea I have for you is the Adina's Deck Internet Safety DVD series. They really cover the social side of technology. My students really love it!
I would love to see some of what you do with the constitution for 8th grade. I want to tie my 8th grade classes in with their Social Studies and I tried an approach last year that didn't work well so I'm looking for ideas.
Thanks Merle.
Feel free to use my site whicah contains over 1200+ resources sorted by subject area and topic. All the links are visual which makes it easy to use in a classroom situation Here is the link:


- Scott
Wow! I love how you have your website set up! I am going to share this with my middle school teachers!!! Thanks!
I have some middle school technology curriculum I use with my class. It is geared a little more towards engineering. It has some videos, worksheets, screencasts, and online quizzes. My website is www.learninreturn.com

You have a terrific website. I bet your students love it. Thank you for sharing. Our students will be really jazzed.



PS - Josh, I see your post is from 2009 and I'm new here. Do you have any other resources you could point me to? I'm looking for Middle School Curriculum (Technology and Engineering)

She is more than welcome to use mine. It was an eclectic mix of five schools and one municipal scope and sequence. It is for K to 8th grade but she can glean what she needs for middle school.
sorry hyperlink did not load

Hi Jack,

I am a technology integration specialist for three Jewish day schools in Boca Raton. I have been doing some research on creating technology standards for one of the schools and I came across your posting and your website. For one of the schools that I work for we are going to develop technology standards for the school (K-8) and hopefully the computer teacher together with the other teachers will be able to create a curriculum based on these standards.

I would like to know how you came about creating the standards for your school.

I am a technology coordinator for a K - 12 school in Missouri. I have been doing research on curriculum for K - 8. I wrote curriculum for K - 6 but I am still working on 7 - 8. I surveyed several other schools in our area and came to the conclusion that most of them are requiring an “Applications Class” in 7th and/or 8th grade. The apps are primarily the Office Apps but we are considering including Inspiration, SMART notebook, Adobe Elements Premier 8 and Photoshop. After examining the NETS we have concluded we need to know what the teachers are doing with project based learning which integrates technology. AS of now we have keyboarding and video production. We are toying with making keyboarding an optional summer course and adding the APPS course.



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