Missouri 4th Grade Social Studies Teachers Wanted!!!! Local History Collaboration

I am a 4th grade teacher working on an ongoing local history project in St. Louis County (Sunset Hills) with my class. It has been fascinating to use primary resources to find out more about our neighborhood. We've invited some older citizens into our classroom to learn more about our neighborhood history and even added to the archives at the local historical society...We've done some service-learning with historical preservation on a local family cemetery which is within walking distance of our school. We've learned about how our streets were named and so much more! Now..we would love to collaborate and share with any other 4th grade classrooms. We could share/compare our neighborhoods. Any other ideas out there? I would love to hear from you! Let's collaborate!

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Hi, I too am a 4th grade teacher. However, I am in Salina Kansas. I am sorry I am not in the St. Louis area, but I was wondering if you would be interested in a social studies project that we do here. Since we are studing regions we do an activity with other states around the the U.S. and even the world. We have a mascot here at our school (Stewart the Bear). We send him to different schools and during this we learn about the region, state, local economy, and attractions that your town has. The other school does the same. We then set up a time to do a web conference. This way we can see and talk to your class. We usually set up questions to ask each other. This is a fun way learn about the regions?

I do know a 4th grade teacher but in San Diego. I will ask her to join in and maybe she can provide some insights.
I would love to, California is not a place that we have conferenced to. Let me know when you would like to set up the assignment.
I'm on the KC side of Missouri and know that we will spend a good chunk of time studying KC as a town as well as the Midwest Region. I'd be interested in collaborating and I'm sure the classroom teacher would be also (I teach tech for the building, but she's really tech-inclined).
That sounds great! I will be in touch. We start school here in the next 3 weeks, teachers start in 2 weeks. I will talk with my team and we will get something set up.

We have started school and are ready to get started on our web conferencing. Let me know when a good time to set up questions and collab on a date to web conference.




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