Do you think addition tools like mobile apps can help to make a teacher explain his subject better??

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Yes of course.. many teachers are using vivid mobile apps..

Absolutely, but I would make sure to check the app before you use it to ensure that it is appropriate. One must remember when adding technology that we are still teaching learners and that technology itself does not make that any better. If it is designed appropriately and adheres to basic principles in learning than it would definitely be a help!

Mobile apps can definitely add to and extend the curriculum. The driving focus of the lesson still needs to focus on the instructional content. The curriculum is the driver, with technology the support. There are many apps that would support instructional content, the teacher would need to research them to see if they are a good fit for the instructional objective being taught.

I know someone who created an app for gathering student feedback on classes, which I think is wise. Having something like that in college would have been nice, as I could have told teachers what components of their instruction worked, and what didn't.

The app is called TeachBack - real-time, anonymous responses to polls. The instructor can create the polls with custom questions or use pre-written ones. Everyone in the class can respond anonymously, and the instructor gets aggregated feedback on the results with exportable files. 

This is the type of app teachers need to find out how to best tailor their educational experience. Especially for teachers who travel - graduate assistants, etc. 

Sure but appropriate apps should be used.

I agree that if used appropriately apps can be useful in a teacher's classroom. Teachers must gain understanding first on how to use the app before presenting it to the class. Another good app I have used in my classroom is Kahoot! which can be used on any device that can gain internet access.

Yes and with other Apps like Powtoons or Emaze a teacher can actually create a flipped classroom where the students can learn and the teacher assist where needed. They are both great tools and free for the basic versions and have tutorials to teach the creator what to do. 

I think mobile apps can be very useful in a classroom especially for student engagement. Technology is what drives most of these kids now so allowing them to have their smartphones in the classroom can be a very useful tool, but it has to be done in a very disciplined way. There must be clear guidelines for students and teachers on expectations while using the devices in class. 

In my school we are using Chromebooks which are very similar to mobile devices and have different apps on their for students to use. Some are specfic to content areas while others can be used in multiple settings. Have other schools been using mobile apps and have you found the students to understand information better when presented in this way? 

Lauren I totally agree with you. Using technology in the classroom has been very beneficial for us. Having the 1:1 initiative the kids are so into new apps and the latest things that the mobile devices and MacBooks have to offer. Being able to allow them to use their mobile devices as a way learn is pretty neat and would really engage our kids in the classroom. The expectations to respect learning in that way are very important and spending time on digital citizenship is a key factor is creating a successful learning environment. We have spoke with the technology staff about the idea of using mobile apps for learning in the classroom but with every student using a macbook there is not a huge need for mobile devices in the classroom.

All Mobile user use free Wi-fi Service but anyone know What is the full form of Wi-Fi

Yes - but you need to have a good understanding of them first and really check them out.  Also, always have a back up plan.  Often when I try to use something web related at school, the internet is down.  That can really leave you in a pickle if there is no other plan.



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