Can the use of mobile phones/ iPads in class be controlled, or will they be a constant distraction and an easy way to 'doss' in class?!

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Hi Emma,

Mobiles are not allowed within my field which is the health and beauty sector, this is to mimic real life working conditions, however they still try to sneak them in and they are nothing but a distraction in my case. I have heard that they can be an advantage in some theory lessons I have heard of a quiz where the learners participate in a quiz and are able to then text the answer and it goes through to the teachers pc or something like that, as you can tell I have yet to try that!! But I have to say, in my own opinion, they are there to learn, it wouldn't hurt to put them away, I want my full groups attention, saves me time having to re explain what they have been asked to do!

T x

Hi Emma,  Sometimes a student seems to express they have lost interest in the lesson by producing the mobile phone. and it can feel like you are having to compete with phones at times. I 've started to become more and more less tolerant of the phone in my lessons and i've been asking for them to be put away. When the student plays music now I will either take the phone away or I will make it clear I  want to see it disappear. I've used them only a couple of times in the class for examples of music and imagery but the students know they should not be using them.



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